Three Rivers News, 2005-10-03

Retirement Party Held

On Friday, September 30, The Restaurant on Park Street in Milo , hosted the O + R Lumbra crew who were celebrating the retirement of Dave Larson.   

Milo Firefighters Warm the Heart!!!

Frank and I would like to thank the members of the fire department who showed up at our  home last week and cut and split our was so appreciated...those guys are the best.. many thanks to them all,
Frank and Dawna Perkins


As many folks in Milo thanked their lucky stars we don’t have hurricanes, a wind storm whipped through the area and caused damage to many homes.  Shown is the picture above is the trailer of Julie Brown.  The huge tree dropped onto the roof and broke through.  The wind/rain storm knocked down hundreds of branches and trees, and  we are all thankful the damage was done in September instead of February. Let’s hope Mother nature’s pruning job will make the wind and ice less of a problem this winter.


The next to last tournament of the summer season for the Penquis area took place Sept 25th  on the recently rejuvenated red, white and blue courts. . The weather was perfect for the tennis matches. Teams competed from noon until 5:00pm.   The players appreciated the clear cool fall weather.

THE WINNERS WERE: FIRST PLACE – Jan Waterman & Jeff Haase; SECOND PLACE – Robin Demers and Torrey Ellis AND THIRD PLACE –Lynn and Jim Lubas

Final Tournament of the outdoor season will be on Sunday, 16 October 2005. Fun tennis continues every Tuesday evening (5:30PM to 7:30PM) and Sunday afternoon (3 PM to 5PM). Open to all -- minimum age is 16. Call Mary Lou at 965 9721 for more information.


On Thursday, October 13 at 2:00PM, the Maine State Organization of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Esther Eayres Chapter from Orono , Maine will dedicate and mark the gravesite of Benjamin Walton, a revolutionary war soldier at the Evergreen Cemetery in Milo . His descendents will be in attendance one of which is a member of the chapter.

Benjamin Walton was born on January 15, 1760 in Stoddard , NH and died October 1, 1851 in Milo , ME. He served as a private in the 10th and 5th Continental Line of Massachusetts during the Revolutionary War.

This ceremony is open to the public. Hope to see you there to rain or shine.


Milo PTO is busy making plans for the annual Fall Frolic to be held on Friday, October 28.  This year’s fun includes costume and pumpkin contests, lots of games and prizes, a raffle drawing, and an auction offering food, crafts and products from MSAD 41 and surrounding areas.

An exciting feature of this year’s Fall Frolic is a raffle drawing for a gourmet meal planned and prepared in the winner’s own home.  So be on the look out for raffle tickets on sale before the Fall Frolic!

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If you, your company or organization would like to donate items, services or gift certificates for the auction; please contact Victoria Eastman at 943-2400, Tami Goodine at 564-2212 or or Tracy Morse at 943-7376 or
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TRC Alliance Corner
TRC is moving forward with its plans for more webcams in the area.  We have purchased a live streaming webcam, but we're having issues setting it up. It will only work in locations with permanently assigned IP Addresses, so this rules out DSL or Cable Modem connections.  We are working with the Brownville Public Library to hopefully put it in their window on Church Street .  If all goes as planned, it may be up and running by spring. We would like to get more cameras running in the meantime.  What we need to run a new camera are two things.

1). An individual or business to sponsor the cost of the camera (will be somewhere around $1,200 for a new version that will work at night!).

2). A location (home or business) that has DSL or Cable, and has a view people would want to see online.

Installation of the camera would be taken care of by TRC.  Due to the current availability of high speed internet in the area, the only towns that would be able to have cameras are Milo and Brownville.  Sebec Village is currently working on getting DSL, but that may take awhile.

If you would be interested in helping us out with a new camera, please contact us at 943-2425 or


Every school year, we try our best to keep up with scores and information on the Penquis Sports Teams. We usually have to rely on the Bangor Daily News for our information, as we can never find anybody at the school to help us out.

We're looking for someone who goes to sports events to help us with the scores. I know there are alot of you out there, and you must have computers.

If you'd be interested in helping with this project, please let us know!

“Fall Follies”Variety Show
Sponsored by theBrownville Days Committee
Saturday, October 22, 2005 Brownville Elementary School 7:00 p.m.

If you would like to be part of the show, please contact felice @ 965-2561

$3.00 PER PERSON( Children Under 2 Free )

Refreshments will also be available for sale


The Kitchen Queens salute David Walker one last time before he leaves our District.

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The PVHS Key Club had a float in Saturdays parade and they want to thank Janet Richards for driving the truck that pulled it.

The Penquis Railroaders are showing their "school spirit" in Saturday's homecoming parade.  Coach Cowing's boys have had a successful season  6-0-1, with their last game being played today at 3:30.  Good luck in  the playoffs boys.

David Walker was the guest of honor for the Homecoming Parade on Saturday morning before the soccer games.  He had the lead spot in the parade followed by the "kitchen queens!"


The Milo Selectmen are pleased to announce the dedication of the sports fields on Elm Street as Harris Field.

The athletic complex, a mile from the center of town, will bear the name of a family who has been synonymous with baseball, athletics and recreation in Milo for decades.

Murrel Harris has served as Milo 's Recreation Director for nearly thirty years and has been a significant figure in the lives of area youths as a role model, mentor, and coach.  Murrel has served us in many capacities, among them, varsity baseball coach for Penquis Valley High School , president of the local Kiwanis Club, Athletic Director at Penquis Valley High School , Secretary of the Milo Fire Dept as well as Director of Milo Fire Dept. annual fishing derby, and as a member of the Board of Education for MSAD #41.

More importantly, Murrel's upbeat personality and caring commitment to our children enables him to continue working with area youths in summer T-ball and Little League.  His love for baseball is legendary: his dedication to his hometown is worthy of our recognition.

This honor is intended not only to recognize Murrel's importance to our community, but also the heritage of his dad, Lewis, and Uncle Gippy, who were outstanding ball players in the 1930's, 40's and 50's.  The long thread that runs through this "baseball family" makes this community gesture very appropriate.

It is our hope that in thirty, fifty, or a hundred years, as small boys and girls run eagerly onto Harris Field, that they too, will experience the same joy and excitement that Murrel has instilled in so many during his lifetime.

Murrel Harris receiving dedication plaque from Penquis Valley 's athletic director and Town of Milo Selectman , Tony Hamlin.  Wife Laurel seated, with their children and grandchildren behind them.

Murrel shown with the temporary sign that will soon be displayed at Harris Field.

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Murrel and Laurel  displaying the dedication plaque.


Brownville 5th grade parents and students met last week to discuss their trip to Boston on May 12.  Discussion also included concern about gas prices and how it could affect the trip and fundraising in a small town. With that in mind the decision was made to do a bottle drive on Oct. 8, a Yard Sale on Oct. 29 and have a craft table at the Alumni Fair on Nov. 12. If anyone would like to contribute to the yard sale, items can be dropped off at the school beginning Nov. 1. Any donated craft items would also be much appreciated.  The bottle drive will run from 9-12 on the 8th.

This is the fifth trip to Boston for students at the school.  It is the culminating activity of their studies around the American Revolution in Social Studies class.  The group takes a four hour guided tour of the Freedom Trail, visiting sites like Paul Revere’s House, the USS Constitution and the Old North Church . The class also spends time at the Museum of Science and Omni Theater. While it’s a very busy day, it’s been a wonderful learning experience shared by parents and their children.

The class has never solicited businesses or organizations for donations, but if any group would like to contribute, it would be welcomed and appreciated. You may contact the school, or Mrs. Weston, the 5th grade teacher.


Happy faces eating ice cream at JD's Emporium Grades 2-5 Cook School students took a guided tour of Katahdin Iron works on a beautiful fall day. Author Bill Sawtell met us at the bus to begin to teach us about the history of the area. We started at Blood Brook, learned about pigs and sows, and stood inside the blast furnace.

Mr. Sawtell explained how the ore was carried by mules to the blast furnace and that the pigs and sows were moved by oxen to Bangor . We also learned about Moses Greenleaf and Sarah Green. We peered into the charcoal kiln.

We stopped at the KI cemetery on our way back to Brownville. Once again this year, Mr. Sawtell treated all the students to an ice cream cone at JD's Emporium. Thanks you to Mr. Sawtell for the excellent learning experience and the ice cream treat. We also would like to thank the Kitchen Queens for packing a wonderful lunch.

The members of the Pleasant Rivers Strippers Quilting Group recently  donated several "comfy quilts" to Brownville Elementary school .  The ladies hope these quilts might be comforting  to a child who might be having a bad day. The staff appreciates this wonderful gift.

Brownville Elementary School held their Terrific Kids Assembly on ThursdaySeptember 29th.  Mrs. Witham led the assembly along with her Kiwanian Friend Frank Cochrane.  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Noah Hill and the whole assembly sang "You're A Grand Old Flag."  Honored at Terrific Kids were:  Noah Hill in Kindergarten, Jordan Durant in First Grade,Alyssa Murano in Second Grade, Ryan Robinson in Third Grade, AllisonDurant in Fourth Grade, Sarah Willinski in Fifth Grade and Shayne McSwine in Sixth Grade.  Congratulations to all of Brownville Elementary's Terrific Kids.  Mary Anne Devine celebrates her birthday this weekend and many students got "Caught Being Good!"  The Sixth Grade Band sounded wonderful playing Brownville's School Song.  Congratulations to
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the band on learning the song so quickly, and giving such a rousing performance. If you are curious about our Terrific Kids Assembly, Please feel free to join us any Thursday morning at 8:15.

Danny Gerrish's choir from Scarborough , ME will be performing at the Brownville Jct. United Methodist Church on Oct. 14th also over to Dover and at Corinth the next day.  This is to help fund their mission trip to Guatemala in November.  


          This choir was first heard at the Ecumenical Church Festival at Corinth in May, 2005 and they got a standing  ovation.  Dan Gerrish from Brownville is one of the choir members and also part of the Mission Team.   They are the Coastal Community (Wesleyan) Church Celebration Choir, made up of 20 plus members,  from Scarborough , ME , under the directon of Melody Hopkins.  Please mark your calendar,  invite a friend,  and attend  any one of the listings below for a night of praise, worship, and fellowship.  All are welcome.   A love offering will be taken to benefit the Mission Team's work that God is leading them to do in Guatemala City in November.

Friday, October 14th at  7:00pm:    at the Brownville Jct. United Methodist Church .  
Saturday, October 15th at 3:00pm:   at the Dover-Foxcroft United Methodist Church .  
Saturday, October 15th at 6:00pm: at the Corinth United Methodist Church .

The NOW committee will meet at Park Street UMC on Monday Evening Oct.3rd at 7:00 PM, All interested persons are welcome. Women's Ecumenical Breakfast will
be held at The Restauant on Thursday Oct. 6th at 8:00AM, all ladies are welcome


Dear everyone,
I’m back in Kayes for a few days and am hoping that I’ll be able to make it back to village tomorrow, but because of the heavy and consistent rainfall that has occurred during the past 3 days, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back very soon.  On Monday morning, I biked in from my village and left about an hour after the rain had stopped. When I arrived in Kayes 3 hours later, I wasn’t able to count the number of Malians that said ‘Hey look at that dirty white guy’.  The mud on the roads was ridiculous, but I made the trek without too many problems.   However, since Monday it has rained everyday and the roads must be a nightmare.  Later on today I’ll be able to get an update from the bashee drivers on the road conditions. 

Our Independence Day celebration went very well.  My new boubou (see attached photo) was a big hit.  That morning when I put it on, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to muster up the courage to wear it because my mindset was of how people would react in the U.S. to a white guy wearing a boubou like that.  However, all of the Malians in my village were very impressed with it and I received compliments throughout the day.  I plan on getting another one made that is all blue and I can wear on any day of the week.  

The fest itself was like any other Malian celebration….lots of tea drinking, meat eating, and dancing.  I spent the majority of the day walking around and greeting people that I knew.  I did eat quite a bit of food also, because every time that I would visit someone new they had a plate prepared.  The highlight of the day for me was when I visited with the family of my friend that is currently driving a cab in New York .  I try to visit with his family at least once a month and spent a couple of hours with them on the day of the fest.  I was invited to eat with my friend’s father, who I would guess is in his mid 70’s.  We walked to another house and I ate with him and two of his friends, both old men probably in their late 70’s.  We chatted in Bambara for a while, and as we were chatting I was kind of taken back and looked at where I was and what I was doing.  This was what I anticipated my African experience to entail, and although it didn’t
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all happen at once, it had arrived.  Here I was, sitting in a hut, wearing my African clothes, and talking to wise old men in their native language.  I wish that I had a picture of us to show you. 

We did our final radio show yesterday with Meg and James, both of whom are leaving in a couple of weeks.  Since I’ll be taking my vacation shortly, we won’t be doing another radio show until December.  You can take a look at the attached photo of us yesterday at the radio station, just before our show started.  From left to right – Meg, myself, Brett, and James).  Brett and I arrived together a year ago and he lives here in Kayes with his wife, Melissa.  She usually does the show with us but is in Bamako at the moment, helping with the arrival of the new volunteers.  I attached a copy of a piece that we did for our radio show yesterday.  We translated part of Bob Marley’s ‘Trenchtown Rock’ into Bambara.  I am ‘Abdoulaye’ and James is ‘Kalifa’.  I added the English underneath, which sounds a bit corny but it’s hard to translate from English to Bambara and back to English again…but I thought you may be interested.

I’ve been keeping up with the recent sports news pretty well.  How about that Red Sox / Yankee rivalry?  It seems that it gets better each and every year.  I hope that both of them make the playoffs so that I’ll be able to watch them play each other when I come home.  As for my teams, the Jets, Knicks, and Mets, all seem to be heading in the wrong direction.  The recent quarterback catastrophe with the Jets makes me wonder if I’ll be able to watch any of their remaining games without losing my lunch. (Hey John, it looks like you can wear that Vinny Testeverde jersey on Sundays again that I gave to you Christmas 2002 …bummer huh?) My timing coming home for vacation will be perfect…MLB playoffs, NFL season underway, and NBA starting in early November.  I don’t know when I’ll have time to sleep.  It’s going to be sweet.

I guess that’s all for now.  I hope that this email finds you all happy and healthy.  Take care and stay in touch, and I’ll hope to see many of you in a few weeks.

Peace and love,

Bob Marley
‘Trenchtown Rock’

Kalifa: Emision min, an ye donkili kumabayelema ka ke bamanakan ye.

Last radio show we translated a song into Bambara.

Abdoulaye: Owo, N hakili b’a la. An ye Bob Marley kumabayelema. Donkili jumen, jarabi don wa, ‘Is the love’

Oh yeah, I remember. We translated Bob Marley ‘Is This Love?’ (Jarabi don wa?)

K: Owo, N fana hakili b’a la. O diara kojugu, barisa, n ka teriw ye Bob Marley faamu.  Est-ce I be donkili were don?

Yes, I also remember.  It was very good because now my friends understand Bob Marley songs.  Do you know any other songs?

A: Owo, An ka donkili do were kumabayelema. An ka Bob Marley ke tuguni.

Yes, let’s translate another song.  Let’s do Bob Marley again.

K: An bena donkili jumen yelema ka ke bamankan na?

Which song are we going to translate?

A: ‘Trenchtown Rock’.

K: A koro bamankan na?

What is it’s meaning in Bambara?

A: Trenchtown musiki .

K: Uhuh, N y’a faamu. Nga, nin donkili, a kun ye mun ye?

Uhuh, I understand. But, this song, what is it’s meaning?

A: Bob Marley ko ni nisondiya t’I bolo, I be se ka musiki lamen barisa musiki be mogo deme kosobe.  Bob Marley ko musiki be mogo gosi, Nga a te gosi commi ni mogo be mogo were gosi.  Musiki be mogo dusukun gosi ani A te mogo dimi barisa musiki ka di mogo ye kojugu.

Bob Marley said that when you don’t have happiness, you can listen to music because music can really help people.  He said that music hits people, but it doesn’t hit people like people hit each other physically.  Music hits peoples’ hearts and it doesn’t hurt because it’s so good for you.

K: An ka donkilida ke. Abdoulaye, I be folo ka donkilida anglekan na, ani I be mun fo, N be tila ka nin nogon fo bamankan na, an ka damina.

Ok, let’s do the song.  Abdoulaye, you first sing in English and then I’ll sing in Bambara. Let’s begin.

One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.

Musiki ka di kosobe, barisa ni A b’I gosi, A t’I dimi. 

One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.

Musiki ka di kosobe, barisa ni A b’I gosi, A t’I dimi. 

So hit me with music, hit me with music now.

Ka N gosi ni musiki ye, Ka N gosi ni musiki ye sisan

A:  Ayiwa, An tila la.   Nin ye donkili numan ye.

Ok we’re finished, That is a great song.

K: N son na.  _________   nin donkili k’a la.

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M.S.A.D. #41

3-Teriaki chicken, mashed potato, California blend, dinner roll, and fruit and milk every day.

4-Fishburger, potato patti, and stir fry veg.

5-Turkey/gravy, rice, peas, cranberry sauce, dinner roll, and birthday cake.

6-Juice, breakfast pizza, bagel, and sausage patty.

7-Combo wrap, salad, and potato wedge.


17-Oven fried chicken, mashed potato, creamed corn, and dinner roll.

18-Juice, super sandwich, and cuke slices.

19-Pigs in a blanket and cole slaw.

20-Chop suey, green beans, and dinner roll.

21-Chicken quesadilla, garden salad, potato log, and oatmeal cookie.

24-Hamburger/gravy, noodles, mixed vegs., and dinner roll.

25-Tomato soup, toasted cheese sandwich, crackers, and 3 bean salad.

26-Chicken parm., mashed potato, creamed corn, and dinner roll.

27-Bologna/cheese, potato puffs, broccoli/cheese, and assorted desserts.

28-SUPER DAVID DAY-Spaghetti/meat sauce, salad, garlic bread, and apple crisp.

CONGRATULATIONS TO MARCIA AND HAZEN CONLOGUE 1V of Williamsburg on becoming the proud parents of Abigail Kate.  Little Miss Conlogue weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces when she arrived on September 20, 2005 at Mayo Regional Hospital .


Gunnery Sargent Ryan K. O’Connor joined the Marines on June 24, 1991, two weeks after graduating from Penquis Val ley High School . His duty stations have included Okinawa , Japan , Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville , N.C. , a six month Mediterranean float, Camp Pendleton in Riverside , CA , Iraq , and Quantico , VA.

He will assume his new duties at the Marine Recruiting Office in Bangor by the end of October.


3-P. sunny am Sunny windy pm.
4-5-6-7-8-H frost sunny windy.
9-Foggy sunny Clouding up pm.

Milo Free Public Library News
By Judith Macdougall

Wow!  What winds and rain we received on Thursday afternoon.  I wondered if it were our aftermath from Hurricane Rita.  Of course, if it were we only had aggravations compared to the southern states on the gulf coast (although I heard a mobile home in Milo suffered severe damage which is too bad).  I don’t think I remember the electricity going off and on just the way it did on Thursday-off, on, off, on.  It flickered steadily, and we finally turned off most of the machinery for fear of burn out.  It just didn’t seem that the steady flickering could be good for the appliances. 

At 3:30 on Monday afternoon Melissa Hill conducted her Preschool Story Hour with 8 children and 5 adults attending.  She read several stories to the group, and one of the stories was Jump, Frog, Jump.  The craft for the little ones illustrated this story as the children all made a frog puppet with large and small green circles, white circle eyes and a big red mouth.  The frog became a puppet with the addition of a popsicle stick to hold it up.   Next month on October 24th the Preschool Story Hour group will be participating in a Teddy Bear Picnic.  It should be lots of fun.  Melissa plans to hold special themes for the Story Hour through the year.  If you have a little one ages 2, 3 or 4 (or an

even younger child who will sit still for stories) we would love to see you and your preschoolers at our Preschool Story Hour here at the library.  The Preschool Story Hour is held on the fourth Monday of each month from 3:30-4:30 p.m.

We received a shipment of new books last week, and they are all ready to circulate.  Here is a list of our newest titles. 

Brown, Rita Mae                    THE HUNT BALL
Coulter, Catherine                   POINT BLANK
Diamant, Anita                       THE LAST DAYS OF DOGTOWN
Erdrich, Louise                        THE PAINTED DRUM
Garwood, Julie                        SLOW BURN
Higgins, Jack                           WITHOUT MERCY
Kozol, Jonathan      NF           THE SHAME OF THE NATION
McBain, Ed                             FIDDLERS (his last 87th novel)
Perry, Anne                            ANGELS IN THE GLOOM
Pratchett, Terry                      THUD!
Saul, John                                PERFECT NIGHTMARE
Siddons, Anne Rivers             SWEETWATER CREEK
Stone, Catherine                      THE CINDERELLA HOUR
Tanenbaum, Robert                                FURY
Tapply, William                     NERVOUS WATER

The Library Will Be Closed  On Monday, October 10th
In Observance of Columbus Day

Library Winter Hours
Saturday 2:00-4:00
Telephone 943-2612

Traditions of a Milo-ite
By Kathryn Witham

We went to see Bill Cosby last weekend.  He was the featured entertainer at the Maine Center for the Arts season opening gala.  Funny, funny man!  Of course he's gray haired the rest of us...and he says instead of abs that look like a six-pack, he's carrying around a stomach that looks like a bag.  I thought he looked pretty slick in his sweatpants and Maine tee-shirt.  He also had on a University of Maine baseball cap when he came out on stage.  Being in the second row I felt like he and I were sitting in the same living room.  Like he was talking specifically to me.  He did hit the nail on the head many times doing his routine. 

Before going to the show we shopped for a new television set.  The possibilities are endless.  Since we know little about what would be a good choice, we will no doubt make a mistake in my son's estimation.  The electronic system(s) at his house rival NASA's control room.  His dream is for a movie theater in his basement.  Since we have a small living room, we are really limited when it comes to size of screen and also size and shape of  the cabinet to put the darn thing in, with all of it's components.  Believe me, there is a lot to take into consideration with this particular purchase.

After the show we went to Oriental Jade.  We hadn't been since last spring and my mouth was watering for Chinese food.  The food was pretty good, but I was disappointed for the most part.  I used to think OJ's was a pretty classy place.....but it didn't seem to be on this trip.  I like a placemats.  I like all implements - fork, spoon, spoon.  How do you stir sugar into the tea without a spoon?  I really like the duck sauce served in a dish on the side....comes in a squirt bottle (but OJ's is still the best duck sauce around whether you scoop it or squeeze it).  I prefer to eat in places where men remove their me old fashioned, but unless we're outside at a picnic I believe the men should remove their hats.  Unlike my father, I would never blurt out the rudeness of coming into an eating establishment and not removing your hat.  I would, however, use it as a determinant of whether or not I was going to eat there again.  I've decided that it will be a while before we return to Oriental Jade....unless we are ordering from the "take-out" menu. And that is their sad loss.

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Several weeks ago we went up to The Junction's Big Pine Amphitheater to the Eagles Tribute Concert.  We had a great time, despite the weather.  We dressed warm and took comfy chairs and I even wrapped up in a blanket before the night was over.  This weekend we are planning to go back to Shania's Twin Concert.  You never saw such a crowd as there was at the Eagles concert.  The place was mobbed.  It was one of those things that you just didn't want to the Eagles music or not.  But, then, who doesn't like the Eagles music?  Not I.  I loved every song.  We were quite close to the front and another time I'm thinking I'd like a spot further back in the crowd.  We missed seeing a lot of people because we got there early and after it got dark it was hard to pick out friends who were elsewhere in the crowd.   The Belvin Brothers did a great job organizing the festivities.  I am hoping that they will be inspired to do great things with their facility. 

I suspect that by the time you read this the fate of my Red Sox will be decided.  It is always nip and tuck with those guys.  Why is that?  I'd love them just as much if it was not so close at the end.  One would wonder...why watch all summer long when it all comes down to the last few games?  Why don't they just play the last few games and get it over with earlier in the year.  Dragging it out like this causes me to be missing lots of great television shows....not to mention loss of sleep.  I've decided I might not be a fan next summer.  This fan business takes too much out of me. 

Friday night we had our annual Kiwanis Installation of Officers.  Saying "goodbye" to Murrel Harris who has served as President this past year....we also said "hello" to Chris Beres who is taking another term as President of Three River's Kiwanis.  Chris served five years ago...before I was a member.  We celebrated the exchange of presidency with a big luau.  Chris and Joe had been to Hawaii to a National Kiwanis Convention this past summer and Chris was inspired to share not only her experience, but the word "Aloha"  and what it means.  The luau food, prepared and served by Val, Val's daughter Katie,  Suzie Ricker and Linda Rolfe was WONDERFUL and we all had a great time.  Lots of great things happen in this community because of the Kiwanis Club.  If you get a chance to thank a should do just that. 

Saturday morning the Penquis Valley Patriots held their Homecoming Parade.  I always look forward to the Kitchen Queen's float because I can count on getting enough yeast rolls to serve for supper.  There is absolutely no beating these ladies and their bread.  I have a recipe that I'll share here today.  It takes a knack to make bread.  I have only semi-perfected the knack.  This recipe came from my mom who could make great yeast rolls.

White Yeast Rolls (or bread)
2 packages of yeast dissolved and starting to "work" in 1 cup of warm water...sprinkle a little sugar on top to make it "work" a little faster.
3 cups hot tap water
1 egg
1 heaping Tablespoon of salt
1/3 cup oil
1/3 cup sugar

Mix these ingredients with an electric beater.

Add about 3 maybe 4 cups of flour and continue beating with the mixer.  Continue to add flour, 4 possibly 5 cups until it leaves the sides of the bowl.  These last 4 or 5 cups you'll need to add by hand.  Stir them in with a rugged long handled spoon...either wooden or metal.  When the mixture leaves the sides of the bowl roll it out of the bowl onto a floured board and knead it slightly - let it set for 5 minutes and then knead until smooth.  Grease a good-sized bowl and put your dough in it and give it a good roll around on the greased sides of that bowl and cover the bowl with a towel and set it in a nice warm place and let it rise until it doubles in size.  Roll the dough out of that bowl onto a floured board (or the floured top of your cupboard) and form it into nice rolls or bread. 

My cousin Marilyn melts butter and dips each roll top into butter before she places it in a well greased baking pan.  Mom used to dab the tops of her rolls with a little shortening.  I have

done both.  Place the pan back in the warm place covered with a towel and let them rise again.  When they are about double, bake in a preheated 350 oven for approximately 25 minutes.  If you didn't use butter to dip the roll tops in can put a little butter on a piece of paper towel and gently rub it over the top of your cooked rolls.  Turn the rolls or bread out onto a towel to cool. 

It is that time again when we need to be reminded that all flower arrangements including plastic flowers must be removed from Milo Evergreen Cemetery lots on or   before Friday, October 14TH.
Winter arrangements, including evergreens, poinsettias, wreaths, etc. may remain all winter.
Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

will be flushing the hydrant system October 1, 2005 to October 31, 2005. You may experience low water pressure or discoloration during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


DOVER-FOXCROFT - Lorraine Bagley was called home to Our Father in Heaven after fighting a long battle with diabetes and heart disease. She went peacefully Sept. 26, 2005, with her husband faithfully at her side at a Bangor hospital. She was born April 28, 1953. She was predeceased by her mother, Kathleen Davis; and two brothers, Michael and Neal. She is survived by her husband of 35 years, Lewis Bagley of Dover-Foxcroft; and two daughters, Kellianne and John Steeves of Pittsfield, N.H., and Tamralynn and Stephen Gilman Jr. of Brownville. She had four grandchildren whom she loved with all of her heart, Quinn and Kathleen Steeves and Crystal and Harley Gilman. She is also survived by her father, Neal Davis and stepmother, Lena Davis, of Sangerville; her sister, Lynn and Richard Fotter of Stratton; her brother, Colan and Jayne Davis of East Holden . Lorraine Bagley was an aunt to 12 nieces and nephews. A Friend to many... She graduated from Dexter Regional High School in 1971. She worked for Dexter Shoe for one and a half years and 17 years at Key Bank of Maine in Dexter. She volunteered six years at Milo head start. She was a member of Lords and Ladies Square Dance Club in Dexter.


A “don't miss”, 3-family yard sale will take place on Saturday Oct. 8, from 9:00a.m. - 2:00 p.m.  You'll find us at 72 Page St. , Brownville Jct.  Turn right at the green bridge,  4th house on right.

Something for everyone!!


Thanks to Melissa at Valerie Jean’s for the generous donation to our catering event.  Also, thanks to all of the folks who have been dropping off items at the shelter, we sure can use the help. And a final “Thank-You” to Debbie Berce for her donation. It takes a special person to think of others when confronted with such sadness.


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