Three Rivers News, 2005-08-08

MUM & DAD-AUGUST 13, 2005

(John and Eileen Willinski)


TUESDAY, AUG, 9, 2005 NOON-3 P.M.

enjoyed a delicious luncheon at Valerie Jean’s American Bistro on July 26.
Attending were the following: Emily Gould, Bea Mailman, Paula Speed, Ellen DeWitt, Lyn Sherbourne, Ester Trask, Mary Bridges, Ruby Bridges, Sena Sherman, Kathy Witham, Betty Graunke, Lois Trask, Maggie Hoyle and granddaughter Semantha, Laura Schnell, Delores Mayo, Barbara Wheeler, and Marie Hayes.
The picture was taken at the beautiful new gazebo!

Members of the Milo Garden Club joined the ‘Teddy Bear picnic’ at their annual event at PVHS gym in Milo on Thursday, August 4.

Garden Club prize winners.
Door Prizes - Allan Monroe, Karen Durant, Nancy Harrigan, Joanne DeWitt, Kathy England and Connie Clement. Raffle - Ellen Stoll (pillow), Laura Schnell (redwork pillows), Cindy Burton (afghan), Laura Schnell (tole painting) and Marilyn Doble (hooked picture).

Centerpieces - Ed Judd, Ellen Dewitt, Karen Durant, Joan Larson, Terry Bouchard, Sena Sherman, Sandra Clark, Lillian McLean, Barbara Wheeler, Beth Beals, Connie Clement, Nat Harris and Jim Schnell.

A very big "thank you" to all who donated and all who worked on this successful Summer Fair.

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The Penquis Valley summer softball team
Front Row: Amber Benoit, Britnee Genthner, Jamie Milton, Kylie Palmer, Anna Rodriquez and Michelle Mulherin. Standing, Coach Torey Ellis, Morgan Royal, Kasey Sherburne, Erica Lyford, Jessica Metros, Randy Smith, Shelby Fowles, Dani Graves and Coach Dick Martin.

The Penquis Valley summer softball team, coached by Dick Martin and Torey Ellis played in the Turner Invitational Tournament at Coffin Field in Brewer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The girls won 2 and lost 2 on Saturday, and played 1 game on Sunday morning, losing to Brewer 7-1. It was a great weekend and a great experience.

The girls softball team participated in some extra activities, 1 being the 3-legged race; when they practiced they ran around the bases in 17 seconds. Unfortunately that wasn't the case at the tournament.

DICKY MARTIN and TOREY ELLIS would like to thank all the girls who participated in the Turner Invitational Tournament last weekend in Brewer. They would especially like to thank the Brownville and Milo Rec. Departments for helping them pay their entry fee. It was a 3 day tournament and the girls played some really good teams....winning 2 and losing 2 on Saturday and losing to Brewer on Sunday morning. With the money left over from the tournament, all the girls went down to the movies on Wednesday.....and for that they would all like to thank Coach Martin.

The Little League Tournament held up to Davis Fields in Brownville Jct. on Saturday, July 30th was a big success with a total of 6 teams from other towns participating. By 8:30 a.m. the parking lot was full - a good sign for the Brownville Rec. Dept. All 6 teams with family and friends were gathered for a day of baseball and it couldn't have been a more beautiful day for it.

The Brownville All called the Penquis Team...had staked their tents and set up camp....hoping that they would make it to the final game. The level of competition was a little stronger in this tournament, so the home team would have to turn it up a notch.

All 6 teams lined up on the second field for the first pitch.....and to hear Ashley Case play the National Anthem. Bill
Sawtell was driven onto the field with the "Eye of the Tiger" playing on the radio, he welcomed the crowd and called for the first pitch.

The tournament would be a double elimination tournament with game #1 being between Old Town A vs. Howland and game #2 being Millinocket vs. Old Town B......with the winner of this game playing Penquis; which turned out to be Millinocket. In the time since we played over to Howland it looked like Millinocket had picked up a couple new pitchers and boy were they good!

Ryan Hibbs started off for Penquis and hit a gorund ball to the second baseman, but he hustled and ran it out for a single. Trevor Lyford was next and layed down a sacrafice bunt to move the runner over. The next 2 batters Bryan Russell and Eddie Cobb both went down swinging. In the next inning, the next 3 batters went down in order, with Jerell Arefein grounding out to the third baseman and Colby Brown and Klay Stevens going down swinging. Inning 3 didn't prove much

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better with Jacob Turner and Lucas Grinnell caught looking and Ryan Hibbs getting on with a walk, but later getting thrown out trying to steal second. There was no room for error against Millinocket and it seemed like we were having a hard time getting things started. Inning 4 ended with Trevor and Bryan grounding out to the short stop and Eddie popping up to the left field. No runs at all for Penquis, I couldn't believe it - they couldn't seem to make any contact and when they did, Millinocket took care of business.

Pitching for Penquis was Eddie Cobb in innings 1 and 4, facing 8 batters, striking out 5. Bryan Russell pitched innings 2 and 3, facing 11 batters, striking out 4, giving up 3 hits with Millinocket scoring only 1 run in the second inning on an error - but that would be all they would need to give Penquis their first loss. Millinocket did a fantastic job of pitching and of course fielding.

GAME #2: PENQUIS (1 loss) vs. OLD TOWN A (1 loss)
Penquis only had 15 minutes before the next game against Old Town A’s, and only 15 minutes to give them a pep talk and get them motivated to play better. Penquis won the toss, so we of course chose to be home team, the boys took the field and got to work. Old Town A’s came out strong with their first batter getting on after being hit by one of Eddie's pitches. OUCH! Batter 2 hit a grounder to short stop for a single and the #3 batter also took a pitch from Eddie right on the thumb.....bases now loaded! Eddie buckled down and caught the clean up batter looking for their first out. Unfortunately he walked the #5 batter and they scored their first run on a walk. The #6 batter hit a huge fly ball to left field for an RBI single to put Old Town up by 2. Eddie struck out the #7 and the # 8 batter grounded out to Lucas Grinnell for a fielder’s choice to end the inning. Finally!

Ryan Hibbs (as sure as the sun will rise) started things off with a base hit for a single, but that would be the only hit for the home team this inning. Inning 1 was over quicker than it took them to hustle off the field!

Inning 2 was a little better, Bryan Russell pitched and struck out the #9 batter. The #1 batter chose to try and get on with a bunt, but unfortunately if you foul off a bunt on the third strike you are out. That was good news for Penquis however, so it's now 2 outs. The #2 batter had a beautiful fly ball to center field for a stand up double. The next batter would hit a line drive right back to center field for an RBI double. Score is now 3-0 Old Town.

Inning 2 for Penquis wasn't much better than inning 1...Klay Stevens and Jacob Turner got on base with walks, but they couldn't get anything else going this inning.

The Penquis teams with their Rally Caps on.......

The Penquis boys held Old Town from scoring anymore runs in the 3rd inning by playing great defense. They grounded out back to the pitcher and another hit to 2nd baseman, Lucas Grinnell to made a good throw to the first

baseman. Old Town did get on with the next batter on a ground ball to right field but Ryan Hibbs got them out of the inning by catching a foul tip for out #3. For Penquis, Trevor Lyford led off with a walk, and tried to steal his way around to 3rd but got tagged out in the attempt. Bryan Russell kept them alive by getting on with a double and scoring their 1st run on a ground ball to left field hit by Eddie Cobb. Eddie pitched inning 4 and they would go down in order, thank goodness! Penquis is now only 3 outs away from going home for the day and down by 2 runs...and it's barely noon time. When Penquis came in for their final at bat, Don Hibbs got them all into the dug out for a quick pep talk. The rally caps were ON and they were asked to cheer their teammates ON......and cheer they did. It was great!!.

Up to bat for the first time was Tyler Pelletier (who showed no signs of nervousness), his 1st time in the tournament - he had a 3-0 count and with all the confidence in the world hit a fly ball to right field for a single. The crowd went wild. Lucas was next, he showed great patience and got on with a walk, now we are back to the top of the order, no outs. Ryan Hibbs was next and can always make contact in tough situations, but stood patient and watched the pitch count get up to 4 balls as well. Bases now loaded, Trevor Lyford at bat...but not before they decide to make a pitching change. The count rose to a 1 and 1 when Trevor got a piece of one and hit a hard grounder to right field right over the first base for a 2 run RBI single to tie the game at 3. It was crazy......the crowd was cheering, everyone who thought the game was over, has now got their noses to the fence. Bryan Russell was up with no outs....unfortunately he struck out looking. Eddie Cobb

is now up......look out....he hit a ground ball to left field to drive in Trevor for the win. What a win.......and we get to stay and play another one. YaaHOOOO. Very exciting game boys.

PENQUIS (11) vs. WOODLAND (0) GAME #3:
This game was going to be difficult for Woodland to win based only on the fact that the Penquis boys were so pumped up from their come from behind win in the previous game. What a difference a positive attitude plays in these boys performance. They went from barely making any contact with the ball to scoring 8 runs against Woodland in the second inning alone, including 2 home runs from Jerell Arefein and Eddie Cobb. They looked and played great in this game.

As usual, Ryan Hibbs got on base with a single his first at bat, then he hits a big fly ball to center field for an RBI triple (this kid is incredible). Trevor Lyford got on base with aq walk and a grounder to left field for a double. Bryan Russell pitched innings 2, putting them down in order. Bryan also had a 2 run

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RBI double to center field and another hit on a ground ball back to the pitcher to stretch that into a double. Eddie Cobb had a huge 2 run RBI HOME RUN over the fence.......NUF SAID! Eddie also added a single to during his last at bat and pitched inning 1 facing 4 batters, giving up only 1 hit and struck out 2. Jerell Arefein had a huge ground ball single to center field and a solo in-the-park HOME RUN for his team, even if it doesn't roll to the fence, Jerell is so fast at base running that he's sure to stretch it into a home run! Colby Brown pitched for his team in the final inning and did a fantastic job. Colby faced only 4 batters and struck out 3. He was also patient in the batters box and got on base with a walk. Justin Ottmann had an RBI single hit to short stop and

Lucas Grinnell hit a ground ball single to the second baseman.

The Penquis All Stars faced only 14 batters (total) in 4 innings, UNREAL. This was a real good game for them to gain back some confidence to face the next wasn't going to be easy.

PENQUIS (6) vs. HOWLAND (16) GAME #4:
Vs. the big boys from Howland. I'll keep it brief. We lost 16-6. Howland has great pitching, incredible fielding and unbelievable hitting......the whole package! We kept waiting for "the bottom of the order", well they don't have one because they are all big hitters. In Penquis' defense, we hit much better against them over to this tournament than we did over to the Howland tournament. Bryan Russell had a single, Eddie Cobb was very tough against them with (2) singles and a double. Jerell had a double and is so fast on the bases that he continued to steal himself around until he scored. Lucas Grinnell also had a beautiful fly ball to right field for an RBI single. The boys were very pleased with their first inning, scoring 4 runs and getting through the line up and back to the first batter. They went on to score 2 more runs in the second inning off a 2 run RBI triple from Jerell but that would be all they could muster up. The Penquis All Stars ended up finishing in 3rd place, but they looked and performed very well, the teams were all very good; so they should be very proud of their effort. The MVP for the Penquis team was Jerell Arefein for his Home Run, great fielding, outstanding catch in the first game and overall attitude. Great job Jerell. GAME #1 9:00 a.m.Sunday, July 31......

RED SOX (4) vs. YANKEES (1)
The 1st game of the morning (semi-finals) came down to the Yankees vs. the Red Sox. The Yankees showed up with 14 players and the Red Sox had dropped back to only 10, due to vacations etc. The Red Sox were the home team, so they took the field first. With one of the Sox's pitchers on vacation, the home team would have to make some adjustments, so Justin Ottmann started off on the mound first and pitched inning 1,2 and 4. Justin was definitely "on his game" for this one, facing only 11 batters, striking out 7. He looked great! Also pitching for the Sox was Trevor Lyford who also did a great job, facing 12 batters and struck out 6. Between the 2, they only gave up 3 hits.

FOR THE RED SOX: Ryan Hibbs started things off with a fly ball to left field for a double. Ryan also repeated himself his second time at bat and hit another double in the exact same spot. These were BIG hits....almost reaching the fence! Justin Ottmann hit an RBI grounder to third base to drive Ryan for a double. Levi Engstrom had the hit of the game with a 3-run RBI triple to left field his second time at bat to really open the lead up. Shayne McSwine and Bobby Dugans both got on base with walks for their team.
FOR THE YANKEES: Colby Brown and Jake Turner took turn on the mound for the Yanks. Colby faced 7 batters in 2 innings and struck out 3. Jake Turner pitched innings 2,3 and 4, facing 14 batters and struck out 5. Cody Larrabee didn't get on base, but he had a tremendous catch in center field on a long fly ball hit by Trevor that brought the crowd and coaches to their feet.......Nice Catch Cody! Josh Dillon had a hard hit grounder to center field and stretched it out for a triple. Jake Turner hit a ground ball up the 1st baseline for an RBI single that drove Josh in. Isaiah Bess did a great job in the box and had a beautiful hit to center field for a stand up triple. Great job by both was a close and exciting game to watch.

GAME #2 FINAL..10:30 a.m. METS (6) vs. RED SOX (2)
The Sox would retain their home team status, so they took the field first, with Justin Ottmann on the mound. Justin faced 15 batters in 3 innings, striking out 5. Trevor Lyford pitched innings 2, 4 and 6, facing 14 batters and striking out 3.

FOR THE SOX: Ryan Hibbs grunded out his first at bat, then hit a long fly ball to center field for a single. Justin Ottmann hit a single to the third baseman for a single. Trevor Lyford hit a grounder back to the pitcher and squeezed out a single and also had a hard hit grounder to left field for a stand up double. A big play for the Sox came at the top of the 5th inning, they turned a double play on a line drive to 1st base, caught by Levi Engstrom and a good throw home to tag out the runner for the double play.

FOR THE METS: Lucas Grinnell did everything but line the field......he had the hot bat in this game....batting 1,000; getting on base all 4 times with 2 singles and 2 doubles on fly balls to right field. He swung with all the confidence in the world and it showed! Lucas also pitched innings 2, 4 and 6, facing 13 batters and struck out 6. Bryan Russell also made great contact with a single, double and with heads up base running, a home run off a grounder to third base. Derek (?) had a nice double off a fly ball to left field. These kids were making great contact with the ball, the whole team was peaking at just the right time. Klay Stevens got a piece of one and hit a big fly ball to center field for a double. Spencer Leavitt had a nice double on a grounder right up the middle. Tyler Pelletier had a walk and Miranda made contact and hit a grounder back to the 1st baseman for a single. Jonah had 2 big hits to short stop and also made his way around the bases to score twice. Mets had some great bats working for them I knew they could. Great job guys, was a good game.

Overall both teams made good contact with the ball and had some nice plays from both teams to make it an exciting game to watch. There were some good games during the play offs and I want to thank all the coaches and rec. departments and volunteers for making it another successful season. It doesn't get any better than Little League, I can't wait for it to start up again next year.
The Mets (previous page) beat the Red Sox 6-2 for the final

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regular season play off game on Sunday morning in Jct. The tournament kept getting pushed ahead because of heavy rain the previous week.....but the Mets held on for the final victory.

Jerell Arefein got MVP for his team during the all star games....chosen by the coaches. An MVP was chosen for each team by their coaches and given a plaque, donated by Sebec Fencing. Jerell was having a snack to build up his strength for the upcoming game! Thanks Morey Witham, it was a nice gesture on your part!

Editors Note: Now there’s an All-American meal….Nachos, French Fries and a hamburger!!!

I want to thank “The Sports Diva” for the amazing job she did reporting on the games. If any of you have ever tried your hand at reporting sports you realize the incredible effort she put into her re-caps. I actually got chill reading about the All-Stars come-back over Old Town. Your hard work is very appreciated~~

The Monday Morning Quilters are having their 7th Annual Quilt Show on August 20, 2005 from 9am to 2:00pm at the Brownville Junction United Methodist Church.

The church is located on the corner of Railroad Ave. and Front Street. Along with a quilt show, many items made by the quilters will be on sale in the church dining room. The members of the church will be selling assorted Sandwiches, Assorted Pies, and drinks from 11am to 1:00pm. Come check out the fine work done by local quilters, see what we have for sale, and enjoy a nice lunch to finish off your stay with us. If you have a quilt you would like to enter into our show, please contact Nancy Belvin 965-8466, Lillian McLean 965-2121 or drop off at the church on Friday, August 19th between 9:30 and 1pm.

School Immunization Requirements
This is a reminder that if your child does not have updated immunization records by the start of school in August, he/she will not be able to attend school. You must present proper documentation by August 29th, before your child may enter school on August 30th.

This is primarily for incoming kindergarten students whose parents have been notified of the need for immunization records and also for those students who by Maine State Law are now required to have the chickenpox vaccine. You may send your child's updated immunization documents to Susan Chaffee, MSAD 41 School Nurse at your child's school or by FAX to 943-5330.

For your reference the following immunizations are required by Maine State Law for children in public schools:

5 DPT/Dtap (4 if 4th given after 4th birthday)
4 Polio (3 if 3rd is given after 4th birthday)
2 MMR (measles, mumps & rubella)
Varicella (chickenpox vaccine) is required as follows:

2005/2006 K, 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 10
2006/2007 K, 1, 2, 3, 4,6, 7, 9, 10, and 11
2007/2008 K-12

If you have any questions, please call the school nurse at 827-3681 before school opens. After August 29th you may call the school where your child attends.
Miranda Andrick and Emily Monahan are pleased to announce the engagement of their parents, Shawna Pelletier and Richard Royal.

Shawna is the daughter of Joel and Lisa Pelletier of Passadumkeag, and Joyce and Steve Crews of Corinth. She graduated from Penquis Valley High and is employed by MSAD # 41 as a bus driver.

Richard is the son of Stella Royal and the late Malcolm Royal of Brownville. He graduated fromPenquis Valley High and is a self-employed trucker.

A July 1st, 2006 wedding is planned.

Wellness Team Invite
MSAD 41's Wellness Team would like to invite anyone who is interested to join them in the Susan Komen Race for the Cure on September 18th in Bangor. We would like you to be on our team, Judy's Jigglers, as we walk to support breast cancer research in memory of Judy Dell'Olio. You can register on-line by going to The cost is $18.00 if you join the team. The race starts at the Bangor waterfront (details on website) at 12 noon. We would love to have you join us. If you are not able to walk but would like to join in the support there are other options. You can "pray for the cure", or "sleep in for the cure." Whatever you decide your dollars will go to a great cause. Thank you!

A daughter, Jewyll Destiny True, to Sonya Ames and Robert True of Sangerville on July 28, 2005. Wt. 7 pounds 6 ounces.
A son, Jayden Allen Sprague, to Danielle Champeon and Francis Sprague Jr.

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of Milo on July 31, 2005. Wt. 8 pounds 10 ounces.
A son, Jonathan Edward Jones, to Elizabeth and Edward Jones of Milo on August 03, 2005. Wt. 9 pounds 2 ounces.

AUGUST 12 & 13 - FROM 8 AM TO 2 PM
Couch, bunk beds, and other miscellaneous furniture. There is something for everyone.

A member of the PVHS Class of 1982 has lost his yearbook and would love to have a replacement copy. If anyone has a copy they would like to donate please drop it off at the Superintendent's office at 37 West Main Street.
Thank you!

Clifford the Big Gray Cat wants to remind everyone about the PAWS yard sale on August 27, 2005. It will be held at 17 Pleasant Street in Milo, on Julie Gallagher’s front lawn. It will feature many household items, some great books, some wonderful perennial catnip plants, and a large amount of products to keep your pets happy, healthy and smelling good!!!

We will be accepting donations Friday, August 26th, and you may drop them off at Julie’s. We can pick up some items early if they aren’t too big. Call Sandy at 965-8547 to arrange to have things picked-up. The money raised from this event will be used to make much-needed plumbing repairs at the shelter, and to buy fencing for its back yard. If you would like to send a cash donation, the address is :

PAWS 39 Clinton Street, Milo, Me 04463

August 1981
8-Sunny breezy 9-Fog cloudy 10-Fog Cloudy P sunny pm
11-Fog am Sunny pm 12-Fog M sunny L shower 4 pm
13-Cloudy Sunny awhile pm 14-Sunny windy 80 at noon

Traditions of a Milo-ite
By Kathryn Witham
School shopping time!! The age-old tradition of shopping for school clothes has arrived. I took my youngest grand daughter to Bangor this week shopping for a new wardrobe to "go back to school" in. She was delightful, but the experience left me drained and disappointed in today's designers and whatever those people who "buy" for the stores are called. My goodness folks, what is this world coming to when they design clothes for a seven year old that should (or shouldn't) be worn by teenaged girls.

My grand daughter tried on umpteen different pair of jeans. I can't imagine that there aren't some pants somewhere that come up to the waist....where they belong. Take a good look at young girls clothing these days. The hip huggers expose their whole upper stomach and waist area. I suppose that's all the better to see their bellybutton rings. They can only scooch down in them because to bend over would mean exposing another whole area of the body (you know the usually just see it if you are watching your plumber at work). I have often wondered why girls go to through the pain and trouble of getting those long tattoos across their lower backs, just above the buttocks. Now I know why. If someone is looking at the tattoo....they probably aren't looking at the butt crack. I wonder what those tattoos are going to look like when stretch marks and the laws of gravity take over.

Anyway, the search for pants that I would buy for the grand daughter continued. We found two pair in Sears. They weren't to her waist, but closer than some. I found nothing in Filene's that I would buy. Their prices were out-of-sight, and there wasn't anything cute in the store. The fun of going to Filene's was the escalator....up and down we went. In the Gap we found a sweet little summer outfit for under $10.00. However, while we were trying on the outfit she twisted her foot in her flip-flop and it broke. We ended up having to buy her a new pair of flip-flops just to get out of that store.

On to The Children's Place, we hit a gold mine in there. Cute clothes for children and fairly reasonably priced. We got two corduroy skirts, with belts to match, and tops to go with them. The tops were separates, and designed to compliment the skirts, they had felt appliqués embroidered on them. Brianne is a stickler for top design. No turtle necks allowed. All of the long sleeved tops in The Children's Place had round necks....I didn't see a single turtleneck. As we get further into the cooler seasons, it gets harder and harder to find shirts without turtlenecks, so I'm glad we found a treasure trove early. I also talked her into a pair of tights that exactly matched a tie dyed top that she can wear with any of her blue jeans or her little denim skirt.

Girls skirts are so short these days that they have taken to sewing little lightweight colored panties right into them. It used to be that those colored panties were reserved for cheerleader's outfits, but evidently the designers decided that if they were going to sell the public on wearing skirts up to their whoo-whoo's they were going to have to figure out a way of covering it. Shorts work. However, the days of being able to wear little tiny short skirts with bare legs are few and far between once school starts, so tights will add many days of use to this outfit. So, now we are talking four school outfits....not to mention the cute little summer outfit that we found on sale. I had intended to buy her two. Keep in mind that I've got more grandchildren that I want to help out with school clothes....and fair is fair.

Taking this grand daughter to lunch was fun. She said, "How about Bugaboo Creek?" I hesitated a split second in answering, and she was smart enough to realize that wasn't my first choice. We negotiated, briefly waffling between Applebees and The 99 and finally settled on the 99...just in the knick of time as we were driving by the street that we needed to turn in order to go there. Settling into a booth, I figured out real quick that this kid is savvy when it comes to dining out. No hesitation when the waitress arrived. When the waitress told us what they offered for beverages, Breezy told her immediately what she wanted. Finding nothing on the children's menu that appealed, she asked if they had a salad with chicken in it. The waitress, realizing that I wasn't going to be doing the ordering for this little miss, took her very seriously and offered her a salad with a side of grilled chicken. This being agreeable, the order was made. I was impressed. She
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ate a wonderful lunch, wasting little of it, and then took herself off to the ladies room...not appearing to need any help from Nannie.

After lunch we shopped for a birthday present she needs for a friend's party she'll be attending on Monday, a backpack, a pencil box, and things to fill the pencil box. The ad on television enticed us into Target for the backpack, but we didn't find a thing there that was Walmart was our discount department store of choice. My young shopper picked an unusual backpack that slung over her shoulder and looked like something a princess would carry. I loved her choice....knowing the minute I saw it that it would be the one she chose. Up and down the school supplies aisles we wandered. Did you know that they now make washable crayons and markers? A bit more expensive, I figured the price was worth it if they actually work. A quick stop in the underwear department and our shopping day was just about complete. The shoes I'll leave to her parents.

As we approached Milo on our return trip, I noticed her nodding off just about at the chip mill. All that shopping had tired my little princess out. All that shopping had tired this old Nannie out, too. Even tired, I loved having that a fun experience with our baby. Having some quite time at the end of the trip, I reflected briefly on the methods in which we acquired school clothes when I was a kid. My mother only sewed doll clothes, but once in a while she did hire someone to sew for me. She shopped in the dry goods store in town and bought our shoes at Pullens. I always was lucky enough to have beautiful hand-me-downs from older cousins and friends of my parents, but Mom would also order things from the Sears catalog and occasionally go on shopping trips to Bangor (usually by way of the train) to get our school clothes. I don't remember having much say in what I wore until I got to be a teenager. As a matter of fact, I didn't have any say in what I wore until I was a 5th or 6th grader. My clothes, all perfectly laundered and ironed, were laid out for me every choice and no arguments. I do remember there wouldn't have been any low rise jeans for this kid!
I've been busy making up recipes, and trying out new ones this past week. Here is one that was delicious. Banana Spice Cake

1 boxed spice cake mix - any brand
3 bananas - mashed
2 eggs
1 cup of coffee....I just used the last cup that I'd brewed in the morning.
1 cup of butterscotch bits (I suppose chocolate chips would be good, too.)

Preheat the oven to 350° and grease and flour a 9X13 baking pan. In a large mixing bowl combine the boxed mix, bananas, and eggs. Add the cup of coffee and beat until well blended. I stirred by hand, but you could use the mixer if you wanted. Spread batter in the prepared pan and sprinkle with the butterscotch bits. The cake baked about 35 minutes. It was delicious without frosting. I served it warm, but even after it cooled off completely, it was delicious.

Milo Free Public Library News
By Judith Macdougall
I just finished the book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , and I am feeling very sad. Usually I wait until several months have passed before reading the latest Harry Potter, but I heard so much about the exciting events that I thought I’d better read it as soon as possible for self protection before a patron inadvertently started to tell me all about it. Also patrons did not start asking to be on the list until last week, and by that time I was half-way through. For those who have been reading the Harry Potter series this book is different. The last 100 pages are scary, darker and very emotional. I can’t imagine what surprises J.K.Rowling, the author, will have for us in book #7.

Pam was on vacation this past week and substitutes, Belinda Raymond and Victoria Eastman, helped out at the library. It is always fun to work with another member of the staff, to hear

new ideas, and to let them put their new ideas into place. Belinda was interested in learning how to mend books, so I showed her how to replace covers on an old book from which the covers had dropped off. With 2-sided tape and binding tape the job was accomplished quickly. We did not have a great deal of time that day, but she is anxious to know how to bind a broken book, and hopefully we can do more in the fall. The former director, Catherine Ellison, had purchased all the materials and tools necessary for mending, and she taught me how to do it. All that is needed is time and energy which Belinda will be able to supply.

This week Belinda provided a service we had not provided before. She processed a hunting license on-line. A patron who missed the July 15 deadline for sending in his Any-Deer permit, asked us to apply on-line and admitted he did not know how to use a computer. I am not comfortable working with the machine as patrons wait, so I turned the request over to Belinda who had no problem at all with it. The application had to be in by August 6 so the patron was well within the time limits, and Belinda got his license processed. If you need something done on the computer, for the most part, our library staff is willing and able to help you.

Victoria worked on Wednesday during the story-time which anyone who participates knows is a busy time all by itself.

When the rush cleared, Victoria organized the juvenile book shelves which always need straightening. A big help! She enjoys the task as doing it enables her to get to know the titles in the juvenile area.

The lost is found! A young pizza prize winner picked up her pizza coupon last week and while she was selecting her books, she misplaced her coupon. She thought it was in her book bag, but when she couldn’t find it there, she returned to the library hoping it had come to light. No luck! Our summer reading program coupons are as valuable as money, and in losing the coupon, she had lost a small cheese pizza. Happily another young patron found it in the stacks and brought it to the circulation desk.

The community reader on August 3 was Elaine Tardiff, or should I say Story Teller. One of the grandmothers who had brought children exclaimed at the fact that Elaine had told her dragon story. Elaine also provided popcorn for her listeners. She told me that she always thinks of dragons and popcorn together. No doubt, this helps little children to think of dragons and their fire as useful rather than scary.

The judges, Merna Dunham, Allen Monroe, and Gayle Shirley came to the library on Tuesday afternoon and judged the 14 posters and the two 3-D castles produced by members of the Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds summer reading program . They took quite awhile trying to make decisions as all the projects were so exciting and imaginative. We have three divisions-Preschool, K-2 grade and 3-6 grade. All the posters and castles will be on display in the library until the August 12 party. How fast these 8 weeks have flown!

Library Summer Hours
Telephone 943-2612

Safe Harbor 401(k)s May Be A Retirement Plan Alternative For Small Businesses
Submitted by Shelley Phillips-Mills
Financial Consultant, AAMS
207-947-5456 or 1-800-947-5456
As a small business owner, you know there are several retirement plan options available. And, as the number of small businesses continues to grow, it is important to provide your employees with the best options possible in order to retain them.
Selecting the best retirement plan that meets your needs and those of your employees can sometimes be difficult. It is important to look at the details of the plans to ensure that the plan you select is the most appropriate plan.

For example, many employers who currently maintain 401(k) plans are disappointed when they realize that, at the end of the year, they must refund contributions to highly compensated employees because of low or reduced participation levels from the rank-and-file employees.

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To help business owners avoid this situation, a safe harbor 401(k) may serve as a better alternative to help enhance contributions for the highly compensated employees, while keeping overall administration costs in check.

A safe harbor 401(k) is a retirement plan that allows highly compensated employees to make salary deferral contributions up to the designated limit for a given year ($13,000 for 2004), regardless of the participation level of regular employees and as long as the employer commits to a certain level of contributions.

To understand the benefits of the safe harbor 401(k), you must first understand annual discrimination testing applicable in traditional 401(k) plans. You may be asking – what is discrimination testing? The employer must perform two tests to ensure that the amounts deferred by employees and the employer’s matching contributions do not discriminate in favor of the business owners and other highly compensated employees.

The Actual Deferral Percentage test ensures that the rate of deferrals for highly compensated employees is not excessive compared with that of non-highly compensated employees. If a retirement plan fails this test, the employer must refund contributions to highly compensated employees (which are taxable to the employee) or make additional contributions on behalf of non-highly paid employees.

The Actual Contribution Percentage test applies to the rate of matching contributions on behalf of highly compensated employees versus the average employee in much the same way as the Actual Deferral Percentage test.

The advantage of a safe harbor 401(k) is that it does not require the complicated discrimination testing. Instead, the plan must meet both contribution and notification requirements and the employer must make a minimum fully vested contribution to the plan using one of the following methods:

Matching contributions for each eligible participating employee. Under the match formula, the employer will provide the safe harbor contribution to any employee that elects to defer, through salary deferrals, into the plan. This method has basic and enhanced match formulas.

The basic match formula is defined as a 100 percent match on the first three percent deferred and a 50 percent match on deferrals between three and five percent of salary. The enhanced match formula allows the plan sponsor to tailor the formula used to match. Nonetheless, it must be equal to at least the amount a participant would receive under the basic match.

Non-elective contributions of three percent of pay for all eligible employees. Under the non-elective formula, the employer will provide a minimum of three percent safe harbor contributions to all eligible employees, regardless of their participation in the plan.

All eligible employees must receive a written notice describing the applicable safe harbor provision between 30 and 90 days before the beginning of the plan year. This notice must be provided for each year the plan will be a safe harbor plan.

As you can see, a safe harbor 401(k) may be an attractive option for your small business and employees. Your financial consultant can help you sort through the options and find the most appropriate plan for your business. . If you would like to receive the A.G. Edwards’ publication, “2005 Retirement Plans Overview for Professionals: A Summary of Common Business Retirement Plans,” please contact financial consultant, Shelley Phillips-Mills in Bangor at 1-800-947-5456.
This article was provided by A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., Member SIPC.

Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative (MSAD #4, MSAD #41, MSAD #68)
69 High Street Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426
207-564-6525 Fax: 207-564-3487
ADULT EDUCATION INSTRUCTORS Applicant must hold proper State of Maine certificationin the area they wish to teach Positions available in Chemistry, U.S. History, English & Basic Math Evening hours - 1 evening a week for 15 weeks Positions will be open until suitable candidates are found. Interested applicants should send a letter of interest, current resume, transcripts, copy of certification, and thre eletters of recommendation to:
Piscataquis Valley Adult Education Cooperative
Thelma Regan, Director
69 High Street
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine 04426


Children: Priority One

The Three Rivers Kiwanis Club meets at The Restaurant each Wednesday morning at 6:30 to eat breakfast, enjoy fellowship, hear speakers on various interesting topics, and to share ideas. All are welcome to visit with us. If you would like to join our organization, please contact Dorothy Brown or any other Kiwanian for an application. We are involved in many worthwhile local projects and would be very pleased to have you participate in them.

President Murrel Harris greeted twenty members this day.

Flag salute was led by Roy Bither.

Paul Grindle’s led us in prayer. Paul asked for peace in our world and to be with world leaders to lead us to that peace, and, to be with Kiwanis members as they do their work for others. Inspirational reading was by Don Harris.

Correspondence was the Orono Old Town Newsletter .

Birthdays and Anniversaries. Happy anniversary to Steve and Cheryl Hamlin who celebrated thirty-nine years together on Aug. 5th. August 7th saw Ruby and Paul Grindle celebrate another year of marriage and on the 8th of August, Don Harris celebrates another birthday.

Happy and Sad Dollars. Ten dollars were donated today. A happy dollar for Joi and Chuck’s anniversary that we missed last week, a happy dollar for the 309 folks who were able to escape the crash of Canadian airliner in Toronto yesterday. A happy dollar to see Roy back, a happy dollar from Paul as he celebrates 35 years with the same woman, a happy dollar because Bobby Ellison did such a great job of landscaping at the gazebo, because the Red Sox are doing so great, because we have had some really great weather. And, a sad dollar for NY Yankees as they dip in the ratings!

A short report given on the Inteclub. There are no plans for an Kiwanis Interclub this week !

Golf Tournamnet. The Golf tournament will be held on Friday morning at the Golf couse. Kiwanis helpers are needed. Val Roberston will be in charge of providing lunch for the participants, and will need help with that. Several Key Clubwill assist the Kiwanis members as spotters. Tent will need to be placed on Thursday night and the grill to be set up for Friday. There are seven teams that will be participating.

September 30th will see the installation of Kiwanis officers at the Town Hall. Val Robertson will again provide for the Kiwanis members a wonderful meal. Letters will be going out in the near future.

Discussion was held about a band concert in the park in coming weeks. Joe Zamboni will be the chairman and will seek assistants to aid in the logistics. Possible date is Sept. 9th. Barbeque to raise money for the Kiwanis in need of a PA system.

Kiwanis Board meeting on August 4, at The Restaurant.

Our speaker this week was our own Kiwanian member, Chris Beres. Chris and Joe Beres vacationed in Hawaii last month and while there they did attend a Kiwanian International Convention. Chris told us that there were about 5,000 members at the convention. Doing Kiwanis business, always looking for ways to improve and help the children of the world. The Kiwanis goal is to change one child and one community at a time. Kiwanis motto is “serving the children of the world”.

The Kiwanis International convention for 2006 will be held in Montreal. It is hoped that more Kiwanis members will be able to attend. Kiwanis knows that local clubs are the Key and membership is the most important. All clubs will need to strive for new members.

Thank you Chris Beres for an informative talk and update on our organization.

Business meeting on August 10th, 2005.

Respectfully submitted by Dorothy Brown, secretary

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Monday, August 22, 2-7 pm Milo Town Hall

If you would like to sign up for an appointment, please call Seth at 943-2425 or Izzy at 564-2847.

The blood from this drive will go towards the EMMC Blood Bank, NOT the Red Cross. This means that the blood will stay within the State of Maine. NOTE: Anyone who donated at the Blood Drive in June is eligible to donate at this drive.

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On Friday, August 5th, 9 teams of golfers braved pending rain showers, minges, and Frank Cochran’s jokes, to play a round and raise money for Three Rivers Kiwanis. We want to thank everyone who participated and Ricky Gerrish for allowing us to use the Katahdin Country Club course. .


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