Three Rivers News, 2005-07-05


Bobby Dugans is getting ready to step in the batter's box. Shelby Weston in the background, catching for Eddie Cobb.

Ryan Hibbs in the box hitting against Eddie, and got a single.

Red Sox (8) vs. Braves (0)
Courtesy of the Sports Diva
June 28, 2005 Elm St. Field, Milo-Umpires for tonight’s game were Nick Emery calling balls and strikes and Chris Dumont doing the bases. Starting pitchers for the Braves was Cody Cobb, who pitched innings 1 and 2 and did a really good job, especially since it's his first year playing. Cody faced 17 batters and struck out 6. Eddie Cobb came out from behind the plate and pitched innings 3, 4 and 5, letting only 14 Sox batter in the box and striking out an impressive 9 batters while giving up only 2 runs on 1 hit. I would like to add that if anyone has seen Eddie Cobb pitch, they know how fast and intimidating he is for the young little league players.....but how especially hard it is to be the one "catching" for him; and that catcher is Shelby Weston, who does a fantastic job to say the least.

Starting pitcher for the Sox was Greg Hathorn, pitching innings 1, 2 and closing out the game with 3 big strike outs in the top of the 6th. Greg faced only 13 batters in his 3 innings and threw an incredible game with 8 strike outs and giving up only 3 hits. What a job... Justin Ottmann also did another tremendous job for the Sox, facing 16 batters and pulling down 3 strike outs while holding the Braves to only 4 singles.

FOR THE RED SOX: The Red Sox kept their winning streak alive playing the only team they hadn't faced yet and that was

(The Gentle Giant's & Derek Hersey's) Braves. Ryan Hibbs was the lead off batter as usual and scored the 1st run on a walk for the Sox by stealing himself around the bases. Ryan also had a triple from a ground ball to left centerfield and an RBI double to left field. Justin Ottmann hit a beautiful RBI double to left field. Trevor Lyford got the game ball for playing head up ball and turning a double play. Levi Engstrom hit a 2-run RBI double to left centerfield. Bobby Dugans got on base with a walk and also took on the job as official batboy for hit team to to help out his coaches. Jake McSwine was the first batter to get a look at Eddie's arm, but stayed in the box and got on with a walk. Kristyn Chapman faced Eddie's fireball and did a great job of just stepping into the box and looked the pitches over and got on with a walk. Shayne McSwine never got on base, but full contributed to his team by catching a beautiful high pop fly by Shelby Weston. Nice catch Shayne. Steven Natalino and Colby Robinson also got on base with 2 walks. Colton Durant plays left centerfield and always does a great job of fielding the ball and getting into his cut-off man. Keep up the good fundamentals Colton.

FOR THE BRAVES: Cody Cobb started things off and got on base with a walk.. Shelby Weston is the backbone of her team with her multi-talent has shown huge signs of improvement from last year swinging the bat. (She is the type of kid that you wished you had 10 of on your team...she has a wonderful attitude and will do anything you ask of her.) Shelby had a groundball single to left centerfield and got robbed twice by the Sox with a fly ball hit to Shayne and a grounder to Trevor to set up his double play. Eddie Cobb grounded out to 2nd base on a force at 2nd, hit a single to 3rd baseline and hit a groundball out of the infield into left centerfield. Alex Zelkan also does everything asked of him and is getting around on the pitches with a groundball single to shortstop and another groundball back to the pitcher. Kendra Herbest isn't the least bit intimidated by the pitchers and made great contact with the ball getting a ground ball single up the 3rd baseline and beating out the throw to first. Kendra hit another grounder to 3rd base and showed great athletic ability and form with her slide into first base. That's one girl you don't have to tell to slide! Cole Dumonthier got on base with a groundball single to left centerfield. Mindy Corson, Dakota, Josh Stanhope, Jessica and Chelsea all got on base with walks. Jade Zelken wasn't afraid to swing the bat and will surely get a piece of the ball before too long. (MORE LITTLE LEAGUE NEWS ON PAGE 2)

The Ecumenical Women's Breakfast will be held at The Junction, formerly KC's Place, on Rt.11 at 8;00 AM Thursday July 7th. Looking ahead we will be doing Vacation Bible School the week of Aug. 15-19 at Park Street UMC. Help is needed for this and if you are interested, call Hope Dyer at 943-7785.

Congratulations to Dani Graves shown here, EMC Player of the Year.
13 Wins 5 Losses, 1 No –hitter, 1 One-hitter, 1 Two-hitter, 3 Three-hitters, 182 Strikeouts, 461 Career Strikeouts

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Congratulations to the 2005 PVHS Boys baseball team shown here, recipients of the Pete Webb Sportsmanship Award for Classes C and D

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RED SOX (16) vs. YANKEES (10) Under some gray skies, the Red Sox and Yankees met at the Elm Street field for their second match-up. Umpires for the game were Nick Emery calling balls and strikes and a new face on the bases, Dillon Lyford.

The Yankees got up to bat 37 times with 8 hits and the Red Sox got in the box 38 times with 4 hits.

Starting pitcher for the Yankees was Jake Turner who pitched innings 1, 2, and 5. Jake faced only 9 batters (striking out 2)

in those 3 innings, which means he did a fantastic job on the mound with 3 up and 3 down each time. Isaiah Bess pitched inning 3 and On the mound warming up is Cody Larrabee.....who also plays SS and did a great job fielding the balls. Behind him is Jake Turner who is a powerhouse hitter for the Yankees.

half of inning 4, striking out 3 and giving up 4 hits. Josh Dillon pitched the other half of inning 4 and Jerrell Arefin pitched inning 6, walked a few and struck out 2.

The Red Sox started the game with Greg Hathorn and also pitched him inning 4 and closed the last of the 6th inning. Greg faced 12 batters, striking out 4 while giving up 4 hits. Justin Ottmann pitched most of inning 2, striking out 2 and giving up 2 hits. Trevor Lyford pitched part of inning 2 and also innings 3, and 5....facing 9 batters, striking out 4. Shayne McSwine started inning 6 and gave up only 2 hits.

FOR THE YANKEES; CODY LARRABEE got on base with 3 walks and scored twice for his team. Cody also played shortstop and fields the ball with great baseball fundamentals. JAKE TURNER was on a roll and has shown his hitting ability with 3 singles and a double. He had two ground balls to the infield and a nice fly ball to centerfield for his double. JASON DURANT has shown huge signs of improvement over last year in both fielding and hitting. Jason had a nice line drive down 1st base, but got robbed by Levi - but he's making great contact with the ball. Jason also had a great catch in left field on a pop fly hit by Greg Hathorn. JERELL AREFIN got on with a single past first base and 2 walks. Jerell does a great job on 1st base and comes in to pitch with the Yankees need him. ISAIAH BESS didn't make it on base this time but he's got a great swing and does a great job on 2nd base for the Yankees. Isaiah also goes in to pitch when needed. BROOKE MCGLAUGHLIN didn't get on base tonight and I don't know why because she has one of the best swings of any little league player I've seen. She's going to make contact against the Sox and when she does, the outfield better back up! Brooke got a real work out tonight behind the plate with a lot of different pitchers and the long backstop, but she never complains. Good job again Brooke. CAROLYN BESS got on base with a walk and she also grounded out to 3rd base. KENDRA HALL got a piece of the ball, and grounded it back to the pitcher. GAGE MCGLAUGHLIN got on base all 3 times for his team, by being patient. ZACH SLAGLE got on base twice. HANNAH BESS swung the bat and grounded out to the third baseman.

FOR THE RED SOX: RYAN HIBBS earned himself the game ball by leading his team with a groundball RBI single to 3rd base and a beautiful hard hit ball to right centerfield for an RBI double. Ryan also caught for the Sox and does a tremendous job with very few passed balls. JUSTIN OTTMANN grounded out his first at bat then ran out an RBI groundball hit to 3rd base for a single. Justin also caught a nice pop fly hit by Jake Turner. TREVOR LYFORD grounded out his first time at bat but then got on with walks his next 3 times at bat. Trevor had a big play for his team by taking the cut off throw from out in centerfield on a fly ball hit by Josh Dillon - Cody Larrabee was just rounding 3rd base and Trevor gave a long bomb from the grass to home plate and Ryan hung onto the ball to tag Cody out. It was a nice slide by Cody by the way. LEVI ENGSTROM got on base

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with 4 walks this evening. Levi almost turned a double play by catching a line drive ball hit by Jerell up the 1st baseline but the runner on first got back just in time. GREG HATHORN made nice contact with the ball on a a hard hit fly ball to left field, but Jason Durant was there to make a clean catch. STEVEN NATALINO got on with 2 walks and grounded out to the pitcher. SHAYNE MCSWINE had 2 walks and a nice fly ball single to right field. COLBY ROBINSON got on base with 2 walks and came inches away from catching a bullet hit to centerfield by Josh Dillon. KRISTYN CHAPMAN got up twice and got on with a walk. It was Kristyn's birthday today - but she failed to mention it until the game was over. I guess she was afraid we would SING to her. JAKE MCSWINE, COLTON DURANT AND BOBBY DUGANS all got on with walks and each one came across home plate scoring for the Sox because of good base running and nice slides.

Umpire Nick Emery behind the plate. At the plate is Colby Robinson for the Sox and Brooke McGlaughlin showing her great form for the Yankees.

While it was one of the hottest days of the year, the cars still came! For the 16th year the Penquis Cruizers sponsored their Annual Cruize-In at the JSI Store Fixtures parking lot in Milo on Sunday, June 26th. This event has always been well attended by local car enthusiasts and by those who drive some distance to attend. This year about 90 cars registered for the event. Some of them drove from as far away as Presque Isle and Unity to be a part of the show. Event organizers indicate that this was one of their most successful shows and thank everyone who participated.

President Fred Worcester said that this is not a car show like many other events in the area. One of the differences is that cars are not grouped into classes with trophies awarded for each class at the end of the day. "One of the things people seem to like about coming to Milo is that is it not a trophy show," Worcester stated. This doesn't mean that there are no awards given. A "Favorite Ride" trophy is awarded to the car that participants feel is the most unique (this award always goes to a participant who is not a member of the Penquis Cruziers). This year's plaque was awarded to John and Cindy Jones who drove their 1939 Graham to the show from Orland. Along with this spectacular car, they also brought a mini-Graham. This is a replica of the original car. The longest distance award and the plaque for "Vehicle in Restoration" - a 1956 Ford - were presented to James Saucier of Unity. The Best Appearing Club certificate was given to the Dusters. Eleven members of their club attended the Cruizer's event. As well there were eight cars representing the Central Maine Street Rods on hand.

A "Rap Contest" is held each year. In this event those who wish rev up their motors to see whose car or truck is the loudest. The decision is made by holding a decibelmeter a certain distance from the car. The first place trophy was won by Randy Nye whose Chevy Pickup scored a 112 on the meter.
The "Back Up Bumper Ball" contest was a new activity for this year's show. Participants see how close they can come to a post with a ball balanced on the top without knocking off the ball. You can only use your rear view mirror for reference. Those wishing to have a second or third or fourth try were allowed to do so. First place winner for that contest was Brian Folsom of Dexter.
There were two raffles held. The 50/50 raffle netted the winner, Marty Philbrick of Kenduskeag, close to $170. The group had been selling tickets on a Neon Tire Clock for several weeks. The winning ticket belonged to club member Mike Littlefield of Guilford.
A certificate is also given if someone has a "Hard Luck Story" to tell in connection with their attendance at the Cruize-In. Ralph Conway worked on the transmission for his 1956 Ford all day Saturday in order to have it back in running order to make it to the show on Sunday. Conway said that he was washing the car at 9pm on Saturday to be ready to head out to Milo Sunday morning.
An auction of new and used car related items and gift certificates and products donated by area businesses and members is the final event of the day. This is always a big part of the event, according to show organizers. "It is always amazing to see what items garner the most interest," said Susan Worcester, one of the event organizers, "Some years the most popular items are some of the least expensive to purchase. J & S Furniture in Milo has given us a Serta sheep to auction off for the last several years. That's always been a hot item. Ricky Craven life size cut-outs are also popular in this area."
When all was said and done, the club had one of their best years ever with this year's show. "This kind of activity only works when members step up and help. Many hands make light work," Susan Worcester stated, "It's successful because we have members willing to take on a task and get it done."
There will be a DVD of the 16th Cruize-In, produced by club member Ron Wilcox, available in a few weeks. For more information about purchasing the DVD or about the club, contact Fred and Susan Worcester at 965-8070.

Participants at the show

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Picture #2 is an attempt to win the Back Up Bumper Ball Contest

Picture # 3 is John and Cindy Jones' 1939 Graham and "mini-Graham" - winners of the "Favorite Ride" award

Thanks for the Support!
The Penquis Cruizers would like to thank the following Milo-Brownville businesses for their support of the club's 16th Annual Cruize-In. Without donations from local businesses, our event would not be the great fundraiser it has become. The proceeds from this event allow the Cruizers to support local charities throughout the year.

S & L Auto Parts, Milo Exxon, C & J Variety, Three Rivers Feed & Redemption, Simple Sacks, Bailey Lumber, Cat Trax, Harmon's Texaco, DeWitt Real Estate, Lakeview Realty, Salley's Auto Repair, Grant's Used Cars, Graves' Service Station, The Restaurant, Milo House of Pizza, Field of Dreams, J & S Furniture, JD's Emporium, World of Flags, Milo Farmers' Union, The Junction General Store, and Ladd Brothers Garage.

Thanks again! - The Penquis Cruizers


Thank you---
The residents of P.A.W.S would like to thank Edwin and Ethelyn Treworgy for thinking of us and donating a plant to be raffled at the Friday night Coffee House. Over $90 was raised and is greatly needed and appreciated.

Birth Announcement
A son, Shane Allen Bizier, to Holly and Tony Bizier of Milo on June 21, 2005. Wt. 8 pounds 4 ounces.

FROM MATT IN MALI: July 1, 2005
Dear everyone,

All is going pretty well here in Mali. Work has been keeping me very busy lately...I can't believe that June is already over. Right now I am sitting at the bureau in Kayes typing this letter in an air-conditioned room...I can save it on a disk and email it much easier and more quickly than trying to rush through an email at the cyber café.

The weather has finally started to cool down and it has been raining a little bit. When I first got here my perception of the rain was that it would make everything very messy and be an inconvenience. This is true, but the other day I thought that this was a rather selfish way of thinking because the survival of so many people here depends on the rain...the Malians' entire lives essentially revolve around their agricultural production. It is also a constant topic of conversation. So, I figure that it is better to hope for the rain and put my 'inconvenience' to the side. I've attached a link to an article that talks about the effect that the rainfall has on their economy and lives in general.
(thanks Justin)

Today we did our radio show and overall it went very well. I didn't ride my bike into Kayes because of the condition of the road, so I've been walking around Kayes quite a bit during the past few days. Therefore, today I walked to and from the radio station, which takes about a half hour or so, both ways. Walking around the city and biking around the city are definitely two totally different experiences. Both require you to pay close attention to your surroundings, but I've found that walking is a much more interesting course to take. Being one of the only white people around, Malians take a lot of interest in me and will come up to me at random to have a conversation. It's a lot of fun sometimes to

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surprise them by speaking no French and only speaking usually makes them do a double take. After the radio show today as I was walking back to the house, a group of Malian men repairing motorcycles started hollering my last name (Sissoko), which I found to be very random so I walked over to greet them. They had just listened to our radio show and figured that I was one of the 'toubabs' speaking Bambara on the radio. So we chatted for about 5 minutes or so and then I went on my way, but it made me feel good that they responded to our show so positively.

On Saturday, I'm heading down to Bamako for a 1-week information session on developing small businesses in Mali. The info session isn't making me very excited, but the hamburgers definitely are....soooooo good. I'll get to swim at a hotel near the stage house and eat ice cream....definitely a luxury that I don't get to experience on a regular basis.

All in all, my life here is interesting to say the least. Some days I find much harder to deal with for various reasons. Not seeing my family for almost a year hasn't bothered me as much as I had anticipated because I get to talk to them on a fairly frequent basis, either via email or telephone. The poverty here definitely does have a hard effect on my emotions at times. I've found that a lot of the time I either don't notice it or just block it out...but there are other times when it really upsets me. We have so much in the U.S. and these people have absolutely nothing...I don't know how such a thing is possible at times. It almost makes me feel ashamed to come from where I do because I have been so fortunate while so many people here will never see half of what I have just doesn't make much sense to me. Living in a third-world country definitely has a much stronger effect on you than seeing Sally Struthers walking around with starving children on TV.

I suppose that this email should come to an end before I ramble on anymore....I hope that you are all healthy and having a great summer.

Peace and Love,

Editors Note: Matt, your comments and observations are the same facts stated by the participants of the Live 8 concerts held on Saturday. The fact that one child in Africa dies every 3 seconds is horrendous. Having been shown the poverty that exists on the other side of our Earth, we can not ignore the dire conditions and we MUST find a way to help. I hope that the leaders of the 8 countries that meet next week will find a way to divert money to the causes of helping children. To quote the organizer of the event held Saturday, Bob Geldof:
“These concerts are the starting point for The Long Walk To Justice, the one way we can all make our voices heard in unison.
This is without doubt a moment in history where ordinary people can grasp the chance to achieve something truly monumental and demand from the 8 world leaders at G8 an end to poverty.
The G8 leaders have it within their power to alter history. They will only have the will to do so if tens of thousands of people show them that enough is enough."

By doubling aid, fully canceling debt, and delivering trade justice for Africa, the G8 could change the future for millions of men, women and children."

As Matt has shown us, these children are real…not images from a television set.

-High Honors-Erin Beasley, Jessica LaMunyon, and Hilary London. Honors-Candice Beaudoin, Derek Brewer, Elizabeth Comeau, Samantha Ellis, Drew Hamlin, Elyse Kahl, Keri Lundin, Michelle Mulherin, Devin Perkins, Crystal Sanborn, and Ashley Williams.
JUNIORS-High Honors- Kylie Palmer. Honors-Christina Gerrish, Dustin Grinnell, Jennifer Hartmann, Tyler Herbst, Matthew Ludden, Jeremy Perry, and Melissa Stone.
SOPHOMORES-Honors-Chris Bessey, Amanda Maioriello, Jessica Metros, and Ashley Rideout.
FRESHMEN-Honors-Cody Andrews, Tyler Case, Nathan Durant, Kyle Gero, Ryan Madden, and Cheryl Roesing.
8TH GRADE-Honors-Ryan Bailey, Caitlin Ballard, Bruce Benoit, Adam Brewer, Bradley Brown, Shelisha Clark, Logan Greenlaw, Aaron Herbst, Joseph Leland, Erica Lyford, Paige McGuiness, Emily Mills, Stephen Morse, Kelsey Ottmann, Asa Sproul, Kayla Webb, Kayla Whittemore, and Kyla Whittemore.
7TH GRADE-Honors-Ashley Burch, Rachel Emery, Ethan Herrell, Sara Lemik, Crystal Mills, and Stephanie Ogden.

By Virgil Valente

In May members of the family received an email from Fernanda who was our tour director for our Italy trip. We invited her to come to visit us. She wrote to say she had to come to a meeting in Boston in June and would love to spend a few days with us. Of course we all quickly emailed back and said we would love to see her again.

She arrived in Boston the week of June 5th and had meetings all week. She took a bus to Portland on Saturday where she was met by the members of the family who live there as well as Kelley and Eric. They brought her to our summer home in Gouldsboro where we filled her up on lobsters and crabs. She had tried a small amount of lobster before but had never had crabmeat. Lobster is extremely expensive in Italy but she did have some in Boston.

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Sunday she left with Kelley and Monday they picked up Steff in Pittsfield and drove back to Portland where 12 of the family gathered for a pizza party. She did some sightseeing on Tues. and Wednesday Steff and Kelley drove her back to Boston for her flight home.

We were all glad that she was able to visit. She said we now had to come to visit her and her family in the Tuscan hills. They live in a small village close to many wineries. She said that they could accommodate up to 16 people and all we would have to do was to get a flight to Rome where they would take us north to Tuscany. It sounds tempting and maybe we will be able to make the trip in 2006. I’ll let you know if we do.

Newspaper Articles from Long Ago:
Newspaper Article July 5, 1888
Submitted by Gwen Bradeen

Wedding bells are ringing among us again. The bride is Annie, only daughter of Dean. S.A. Smith and the groom Lewis (better known among his friends, who are many, as Lewie) Rider, Jr., only child of Lewis Rider. The ceremony was performed June 10th, at four o’clock P.M., at Mr. Rider’s house, Mr. McBride of the Congregational church, of which both bride and groom are members, officiating, Elisha Foss and Emma Page performing the parts of “best man” and bridesmaid very creditably. May they both soon act as principals instead of seconds! Invitations were received by nearly forty of the friends to their reception on the following Monday evening. Accordingly there gathered at the Rider home a crowd of well-wishers prepared to enjoy the happiness of the young people, as well as to rejoice in the dainty “spread” which was furnished in the style that all who know “the Riders” will appreciate, while those who are not so fortunate can never know what they have missed of hospitality, cheeriness and hearty good fellowship. The refreshments consisted of cake, coffee, fruit and confectionery. The wedding presents were exhibited on a table in a room upstairs. Your scribe is so sure he cannot remember all that he almost feels as if he ought not to mention any, but he does recollect a pair of vases, a pair of candlesticks, the usual number of sugar shells and teaspoons, but names of the donors have escaped him.

A Wild Ride
Capt. M.W. Brown of Brownville, was in town on Sunday last, and “after meeten” he gave to us a very interesting account of his horseback ride on Friday and Saturday, from Brownville to Greenville, over the line of the Canadian Pacific R.R. The route is over streams, ponds, brooks, mountains, gulches, meadows and marshes and through a dense wilderness where is some of the wildest and most romantic scenery on the American continent. The Captain was advised not to undertake the trip, but having heard that the thing had been done and believing what had been could be, he selected three companions, C.S. Johnson, C. Herrick and another whose name we have forgotten, and started. A portion of the way could be traveled by the horses quite easily, but the most of the distance was across a rough and broken country. They ascended mountains where it did

not seem that a horse could stand. They crossed gulches out of which it seemed impossible to climb. They forded streams and brooks deep enough to drown horse and rider and ploughed through meadows and marshes over corduroy roads and improvised bridges; camped one night in the wilderness and reached Greenville after a tedious journey of forty miles. He describes the work on the line of the R.R. as something wonderful beyond description. The bridge over Ship pond stream is 1,700 feet long, and will cost $15,000. The one over Wilson stream is 1,300 feet long. Some of the cuts through the mountains are simply immense. In one place the Captain saw rocks twenty feet in diameter, which had been blown off the side of the mountain by dynamite and now lay in the ravine at the bottom. The Captain says he is glad he went, but that it would take quite a “pile” to hire him to repeat the trip. The party returned by way of Dover and Foxcroft, and went to Brownville Monday.

May 10, 1888
H. F. Daggett has been making needed repairs on his grist mill.
R.A. Monroe is building a front onto his store, which when finished will present a fine appearance and add much to the looks of Main St.

Orin Hamilton is soon to commence the erection of a dwelling house on Main St. next to the store of M.B. Foster.

Business is good here and bids fair to be still better. (This is the way it is written)

Pierce and Spearing of this town have started their drive which will come down Sebec lake and stream to this place when they are to be sawed.

Work is progressing quite rapidly on the new Baptist church here and it is expected to be ready for occupancy early in summer.

F.E. West has purchased the Vogell stand here in the village.

Mr. Will McIntosh, of Mass, is visiting his relatives here.

Rev. Mr. Wright, Methodist is to deliver the memorial sermon here May 27th by invitation of J.S. Sampson, post.

The F.W. Baptist society of Milo, have secured the services of Rev. Mr. Ferguson of Vermont, to preach at this place the ensuing year. The Reverend gentleman preached his first sermon here last Sabbath, which was an interesting and instructive one.

A box car loaded with excelsior was dumped over an embankment near the Bailey & Parker mill recently and considerably smashed. After being unloaded it was hoisted on to the track again and is undergoing repairs.

The local politican is beginning to look wise and preparing himself to deliver impromptu speeches on the street corners in the near future.
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"Memory Makers Quilt Group" of Dover-Foxcroft donated to P.E.T.S. a lovely full size quilt in Traditional Log Cabin pattern. The curvelinear machine quilting by "Quilting Mania" also of Dover-Foxcroft creates a nice contrast with the rectangular cloth shapes. The quilt is hanging at the "Cup and Easel" on Main Street in Dover-Foxcroft. Drawing for the quilt will be Nov. 1. Tickets for the raffle can be purchased there or from any of the P.E.T.S. volunteers: Sue Slate, 379-2809; Phyllis Dyer, 564-8072; Salley Sue Pearson, 876-2752, Julie Gallagher, 943-5083, or Mary Shapleigh, 564-8092. All monies raised go directly to our reduced-cost spay/neuter program.

Milo Free Public Library News
By Judith Macdougall
Wednesday is such a busy day this summer. It’s great! From before we are officially open until we close patrons are coming in to enjoy our services, and we are so pleased. Wednesday, of course, is the summer reading program Story Time day, which brings in lots of excited youngsters and their mothers or grandmothers. We had such a good group last week-all ages from toddlers to 10 year olds. Philip Gerow was our community reader, and he brought his 8-year-old grandson, Garrett with him. Phil asked me to take his picture with the children and what a happy group I saw through the camera lens. Thank you for being a great community reader, Phil.

The castle continues to be a big hit with the little folks and the older kids too. It’s amazing what 2 appliance boxes, 4 oatmeal boxes some paint and a very imaginative man can create. The little ones beg their moms for “castle time”, and at one point there were three little ones inside. As they peek out the window, they are so cute. Such fun to see the little ones so excited.

Monday was not as busy as Wednesday, and we were able to finish up processing most of the adult books. I say most because we had a new shipment come today and also some backordered books. After I write up the new books, Pam works busily every spare moment, typing cards and labels and covering books with plastic. I really don’t think we waste a minute in our efforts to get the newest books ready for our valuable adult patrons.

There has been another milestone of the summer reading program at the end of this second week-the Star Charts are up. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the various segments of the program, the Star Charts list every child enrolled in the program, dividing them as to Readers or Listeners. Along with each name, we list the number of books they have contracted to read and use stars to designate how many books they have actually read. The children enjoy seeing their names and strive to keep adding stars to the chart.
Here is the list of our newest adult titles.

Card, Orson Scott MAGIC STREET
Coomer, Joe POCKETFUL OF NAMES (Maine)
Deaver, Jeffrey THE TWELFTH CARD
Evanovich, Janet 11 ON TOP
Garlock, Dorothy RIVER RISING
Howard, Linda KILLING TIME
Kelton, Elmer SONS OF TEXAS
Koontz, Dean VELOCITY
Lowell, Elizabeth ALWAYS TIME TO DIE
Parker, Robert APPALOOSA
Reichs, Kathy CROSS BONES
Spencer-Fleming, Julia TO DARKNESS & TO DEATH

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LITTLETON - George A. Fitzpatrick Sr., 92, died June 27, 2005, at a local hospital. He was born Jan. 29, 1913, at Littleton, the son of Garrett and Margaret (Crabb) Fitzpatrick. George was a life long member of the Saint Mary of the Visitation Church, a member of the 1st degree Knights of Columbus and a very well known potato farmer in Littleton. He will be fondly remembered by those who knew him as "Old George Fitzpatrick from up on the Ridge." He is survived by his 10 children, Margaret M. Corey and her husband, Paul, of Sommersworth, N.H., George Fitzpatrick Jr. and his wife, Patricia, of Hammond, Edward J. Fitzpatrick and his wife, Jane, of Littleton, Barbara Cain and her husband, Warren, of Milo, Henry W. Fitzpatrick and his wife, Carolyn, of Hammond, Leo J. Fitzpatrick and his wife, Christy, Bernard M. Fitzpatrick and his wife, Jean, all of Houlton, Anthony R. Fitzpatrick and his companion, Jackie Hoyt of Hodgdon, Allan G. Fitzpatrick and his wife, Ella, of Houlton, Cecelia Brown and her husband, Michael, of Littleton; very special daughter-in-law, Carolyn Keith and her husband, Brian, of Houlton; 33 grandchildren, 29 great-grandchildren; three sisters, Anna Cumming of Naples; sister, Mary Garrett of Portland, Teresa Lane of Seattle, Wash.; many nieces, nephews and cousins. He was predeceased by his wife, Cecelia Ellen Fitzpatrick; his sons, Arnold E. Fitzpatrick and Andrew G. Fitzpatrick; and his daughter, Louise E. Fitzpatrick. Gifts may be made in George's memory to Saint Mary of the Visitation Church, care of Dunn Funeral Home, 11 Park St., Houlton, ME 04730.

MILO - A memorial service will be held 11 a.m. Saturday, July 9, 2005, for Thomas Russell Poole, son of Sheldon and Pearle Poole, of Milo, at the United Baptist Church, of Milo, 8 Pleasant St. Tom was a missionary in Japan with his wife Barbara and their three sons when he died unexpectedly in September of 2004.

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