Three Rivers News, 2005-05-02
MONDAY, MAY 2, 2005

....On Broadway....

3rd Annual Pleasant River Duck Race
Tickets Now On Sale!!!!
The Third Annual Pleasant River Duck Race, sponsored by American Legion Post #92 in Brownville Jct., will be held on Saturday, June 25th at 12:00 noon. The race will end when the ducks pass under the Green Bridge in Brownville Jct. The person having the number of the first duck to cross the line will win $100.00, the second-$75.00 and the third-$50.00. Tickets are available from any active Legion or Auxiliary member. Tickets are one for $2.00 or three for $5.00. All proceeds will benefit the Legion Scholarship Fund. Further information can be obtained by calling 965-3631.

The Milo Garden Club will hold its May meeting "Fairy Folk Tea Party" at Pleasant Park on May 10, at l p.m. If you would like to attend as a guest, please call 943-7748 or 943-7497.

The Milo Recreation Dept. is offering a new session of fitness: Starting Wed. May 4th, two classes will be offered at the Milo Town Hall. 5:15 - 6:00 will be Cardio Craze. Burn calories and strengthen muscles with kick boxing, floor aerobics and more. Please bring hand weights.

Yoga will be held from 6:00 - 7:00. Now is the time to experience something that could change not only the way you feel, but how you move through your day. Stretch, strengthen, relax and renew!

The 8 week course will run through June 22.
Cardio Craze - $20.00 Walk-in fee of $3.00
Yoga - $35.00 Walk-in fee of $6.00
Take both classes for $48.00 and save!!!
Any questions please call Cindy Herbest @ 943-2630

AT THE Milo Elementary School Gym,

Class of 1995
Anyone interested in having a 10 year class reunion this summer? Please email Alyson (Carey) Ade at or call Kristina (DeWitt) Feero at 394-4323
by May 20, 2005.

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Ice out was declared at 10:30 am on Sunday, April 24th.
Our winner is: David L. McLaughlin
who's entry was: 4/24/05 11:00 AM

Penquis Valley School’s Honor roll was mis-printed last week. Here is the correct list:

Jordan Allen
Heather Anthony
Candice Beaudoin
Derek Brewer
Erin Beasley
Elyse Kahl
Jessica LaMunyon
Crystal Sanborn
Elizabeth Comeau
Samantha Ellis
Danielle Graves
Drew Hamlin
Katherine Hamlin
Hilary London
Michelle Mulherin
Krystle Parkman
Devin Perkins
Mayra Portillo
Lindsay Small
Tiffany Sprague
Ashley Williams

Kelsey Drake
Jennifer Hartmann
Christina Gerrish
Kylie Palmer
Tyler Herbst
Elizabeth Lemik
Jamie Perkins

Krystle LEavitt
Jessica Metros
Noah Bissell
Nycole Carey
Haley Flanders
Kyle Gero
Lucas Knapp
Ryan Madden
Cheryl Roesing

8th Grade
Ryan Bailey
Caitlin Ballard
Bruce Benoit
Joseph Leland
Erica Lyford
Asa Sproul
Adam Brewer
Nichelle Carpenter
Shelisha Clark
Tyler Elsenheimer
Kristopher Foss
Logan Greenlaw
Aaron Herbst
Paige McGuinness
Emily Mills
Stephen Morse
Brittney Newbert
Kelsey Ottmann
Morgan Royal
Kasey Sherburne
Randi Smith
Jonathan Spencer
Ashley Stanhope
Kayla Webb
Shane Woodard

7th Grade
Michelle Bucci
Rachel Emery
Ethan Herrell
Kiel Larson

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Featured speakers for the month of May include:

May 3, Cindy Herbest: WHAT IS YOGA?
Have you seen an article on Yoga, or viewed a session on t.v. and
wondered, "What is yoga?", and "Would yoga be good for me?"
When we observe this age-old practice, we envision people twisting their bodies into unimaginable positions, chanting, and then sitting or lying still....doing nothing! For many, this can discourage or intimidate. On Our Weigh" has invited Cindy Herbest, local fitness instructor, to hold a special Yoga Presentation. Cindy will, through oral and hands on, help us to understand yoga and it's many benefits. "My goal is to correct your misconceptions and ideas so that you don't miss out on this experience. Yoga is for you!", encourages Herbest.

May 10: Tracy Gray: Curves
Curves is the first facility designed for women to offer 30 minute fitness and common sense weight loss with the support of a community of women. The Curves workout allows women of all ages and fitness levels to combine strength and cardio training through hydraulic resistance.Curves also offers weight management counseling featuring a breakthrough, scientifically proven method to raise metabolic rate and end the need for perpetual dieting.

Tracy's presentation will include a demonstration with one of the pieces of equipment used at Curves, and an opportunity to find out your body mass index. We will also be offering a one month membership to Curves free to a lucky winner!!

May 24: Marian McLellan, Nutritionist, Mayo Regional Hospital
Have you noticed that Oprah has finally been able to keep her weight within a healthy range? Do you know how she manages? She has a personal trainer to motivate her to exercise, and a personal chef to cook healthy, delicious meals.

While we can't offer either of these, we have invited Marian McLellan to speak about nutrition and good eating habits. Learn about portion control, lowfat, lowcarb, low calorie cooking, and which is the right plan for you.

Brownville Trivia
Choose the best answer.

1. (a) 1923 (b) 1936 (c) 1956 (d) 1987 was not a flood year.
2. Moses Greenleaf was Maine's first (a) map maker (b) car dealer (c) scientist (d) long distance runner.
3. BJHS closed (a) 15 (b) 20 (c) 25 (d) 30 years after BHS did.
4. The Railroaders' last home loss was to (a) Greenville (b) Sumner (c) Milo (d) Hartland.
5. Ralph Perry came from (a) New Hampshire (b) Massachusetts (c) New Brunswick (d) New York.
6. The Pleasant River Hotel was once called the (a) Railroader (b) Caboose (c) Uptowner (d) Eureka.
7. A marker showing the exact center of Maine could be found at (a) Cohen's (b) Wilkerson's (c) the station (d) the Gerry Company.
8. "Screwie Louie" came from (a) Boston (b) Philadelphia (c) Chicago (d) Detroit.
9. Larry Morrill was a(n) (a) point guard (b) left wing (c) high postman (d) low postman.
10. (a) Warren Stanhope (b) Kenneth Ellis (c) Clayton Arbo (d) Milton Smith was John Lewis's right hand man.

Answers: 1-c 2-a 3-c 4-c 5-b 6-d 7-b 8-c 9-a 10-d

MHS and BJHS All Time Greatest
Only a few names have been mentioned thus far for either category and none for the girls. Please send me your ballots. I guess I'll have to let the age qualification go on this one.

Now that Ronnie Knowles is back, maybe I can come up with a sample ballot for BJHS next week.

Send me your ballots at Bill Sawtell, POB 272, Brownville, ME, 04414. E-mail me at Call me at 965-3971. Or stop me on the street. Everything is confidential.

Penquis Travel Team Cops Tourney
Princeton-The Penquis Travel Team coached by Tony Heal and Lance Gerrish participated in a four-team two-day tournament here recently, winning four of six games to take the championship. Jarell Arfien was selected MVP of the championship game, which saw Penquis down Woodland.

Other teams in the event were Princeton and Indian Township.
The Penquis Travel Team was composed of Jarell Arfien, Eddie Cobb, Taylor Delano, Lucas Grinnell, Justin Ottmann, Josh Dillon, Skylar Beard, Shane Emery, Devon Armstrong, Tyler Pelletier, Klay Stevens, Spencer Leavitt, and Darren Lewis.

Brownville Days Buffet & Auction
Saturday, May 14th, from 5 to 6pm at the BJHS Alumni Hall
$5.00 adult and $2.00 child under 12; in advance or at the door.
Please bring one or two items for the auction that will begin immediately after the buffet!
If you can bring a hot or cold dish or a dessert please contact Felice at 954-2561, Toni at 965-7351 or Linda at 965-8421.

Gazebo Update
The Gazebo in the Park is nearing completion. We are planning to complete the project by Memorial Weekend. Presently the Kiwanis is working with the American Legion to plan a dedication on Friday, May 27. We have arranged for music and the girls from P.A.W.S. are going to help us with an All-You-Can-Eat chicken barbeque to make it a fun celebration. Please mark your calendars for an upcoming good time. As soon as a program is finalized, it will be published in the Three Rivers News.

High water in the Sebec River

Auction News !
Preparation for the 2005 Kiwanis Auction is underway. Soon letters will go out to all our past supporters thanking them for their past support and encouraging them to help our campaign once again. The auction is one of the primary fundraisers for our local Kiwanis programs that support kids in the local community. We are starting to pick up donated items so if you have something you would like to donate please contact your local Kiwanian or if you don't know any Kiwanians leave a message on my phone, Joe Zamboni 943-2271.

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Democratic Committee To Meet
The Piscataquis County Democratic Committee will hold its regular monthly meeting at the Community Room at Oakes Manor in Guilford at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, May 11th. There will be a potluck supper prior to the meeting at 6:00 PM. If you have any questions, feel free to call Patsy Fortier at 876-4531. Anyone interested is cordially invited to join us.

Italy Trip Part 8
Feb. 5, Saturday Angelo our hired driver picked us up in a minibus at 8 for our trip to Carpinone. On the bus were Georgia, Dud, Kelley, Eric, Renee, Paul, Steff, Mary and me. We made one pit stop on Highway A1 which is the main highway from Rome to Naples. We continued on side roads to Isernia. At 10:20 Angelo called Lucia on her cell phone and she suggested we meet at the Europa Hotel which was next to the highway and would save us a trip to the train station in the center of town. Isernia is about the size of Bangor. Angelo said that Isernia is known throughout Italy for its quality of life.

We met about 10:30 at the hotel. She said her 1 and a half year old son Alesandro was at day care and they were having a Carnivale party. The teacher had called her to say he was crying and would not stop. She had to go to get him so Marilena and Giovanna were on their way and would take us to Carpinone. Both Marilena and Giovanna are science teachers in the high school but got out early to be with us. I selected Saturday for our trip because I thought we could have a whole day together, but in Italy they have school on Saturday. They arrived shortly and we were on our way.

As we started up into the hills we started to see snow on the ground but the road was bare all the way. We parked in the main square with all the natives looking on wondering what such a large crowd was doing there. We went to Giovanna’s house. It is an old house that was remodeled. It was given to her by her mother. Giovanna’s husband Michelle was waiting for us. We sat around the table and had some soft drinks and Italian pastries. We had Coke, orange and some red drink I thought I would like to try. Angelo told me I would need some sweet pastries to go with it. He was right. It was quite bitter but good when combined with the pastry. Next we went to my father’s birthplace. The old lady who lived there was the same one as two years ago and she welcomed us like long lost relatives. She said she remembered our last visit. The house was warm and cozy with a wood fire. On top of the stove was a tea kettle and an old iron she was heating to use. She still had a bed in the kitchen because she only heated the kitchen and bathroom. The lady doesn’t live there much in the winter now. Her daughter lives close by and she stays with her. Giovanna told us that soon she would live permanently with the daughter and the house would go up for sale. Some of the younger crowd expressed interest in buying and asked to be kept informed. After giving our thanks and saying goodbye, we were met by a young man who took us inside what used to be our

Cousin Nick’s house situated next door. They were working on it two years ago and from the outside it seemed to be in about the same stage of repair. (Piano, piano, slowly, slowly) The inside was done except for the floors and any plumbing. The house was 4 stories high with the bottom floor being a garage and the top three containing three rooms each. Nick said the ground floor used to contain a store when he was young. We proceeded to Pa’s boyhood church which could seat maybe a hundred people and then on to the train station. Georgia said she had to use the lady’s room and Giovanna said she would be better off to wait until we got back to her house. Georgia insisted and used the facilities at the train station. It was just a hole in the floor that you had to bend over. Steff took pictures of it.

On the way back to Giovanna’s house some of the group picked up rocks to give to relatives who could not come on the trip. We also stopped in a small grocery store where film was purchased. We then stopped at the florist shop in the main square where we had purchased post cards the last time we were here. There were still only the two designs we had. Others purchased them and then the owner gave them some for free and asked them to mail them to him from the states.

We returned to Giovanna’s house for a pit stop. I walked up to the castle for a few photos and was met shortly by the others. Next we boarded the minibus and with Marilena and Giovanna in the lead and Michelle behind we headed back to Isernia for lunch. We ate at the Osteria Paradiso restaurant. They had a table for 20 all set up for us. It was set up similar to our family table in Gouldsboro and even had a bench with a lift up top. As we sat down our cousin Antonio (husband of Lucia and brother of Giovanna) and Lucia’s mother arrived along with Ernani, Antonella and Eduardo Festa (Marilena’s family). We talked a while and I found that they had not gotten my email messages. I also talked with Eduardo who is 18 and finishing high school. He wants to come to Maine this summer to brush up on his English. We told him to plan on it and that we would take care of him. We started our meal with salami, cabbage dumplings, ricotta cheese, leeks and cheese, something like lasagna, and a yellow potato. I think it was potato with saffron. Next we had polenta in tomato sauce. Polenta is similar to corn meal mush but thicker. The tossed salad was next and then pasta with fresh porcini mushrooms and olive oil. The meat was lamb and sausage. The sausage had no spices and was delicious. I asked about it and they said people in that region of Italy liked their food plain. We then had assorted desserts and limoncello. We were STUFFED! When they suggested coffee, we passed on it. We went outside and posed for a family picture. We said our goodbyes and left for Sorrento about 4:30. We arrived back at the hotel around 6:50 in time for the farewell dinner at 7:00.

As stuffed as we were we managed to eat some more. We started with a salad then had two kinds of pasta: cheese ravioli and penne. The main course was stuffed beef and potatoes. Of course there was wine as well. We had lemon cake for dessert. After eating I needed to walk so Mary, Kelley, Eric and I made one last trip around the main square and narrow streets. I returned to the hotel to pack my suitcase for the trip to Montecatini tomorrow.

Chrissy Goodine works for Bigelow Travel Agency and sent along the highlights of their special Italy package.

Visit all highlights in Rome, Florence and Venice; stop at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Juliet's Balcony in Verona; and drive through the Chianti wine region in Tuscany

Day 1 Board your overnight transatlantic flight.

Day 2 Arrival in Rome, Italy. Time to rest or start exploring the Eternal City. At 6 your tour director and traveling companions and leave the hotel for a special welcome dinner with wine in one of Rome's fine restaurants. (Dinner included)

Day 3 Rome. Sightseeing with your local guide starts with a visit to the VATICAN MUSEUMS and SISTINE CHAPEL
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(arranged next morning if closed today), world famous for Michelangelo's ceiling paintings and The Last Judgement. Continue to monumental ST. PETER'S SQUARE and BASILICA. Proceed across the Tiber for a stroll along the Via Sacra in the ROMAN FORUM, where Roman Legions marched in triumph, and finally visit the COLOSSEUM and hear about gladiatorial combats. Then time for independent activities and exciting optional excursion possibilities. (Buffet Breakfast included)

Day 4 Rome-Florence. Follow the Aurelian Way along the Tyrrhenian coast to Pisa. Here take your pictures of the amazing Leaning Tower, 180 feet high and no less than 12 feet out of the perpendicular. Then on to Florence, the splendid capital of Tuscany. (Buffet Breakfast and Dinner included)

Day 5 Florence. Guided sightseeing includes the magnificent CATHEDRAL, Giotto's Bell Tower, the Baptistry's heavy bronze "Gate of Paradise," and sculpture-studded Signoria Square. To top it off, admire Michelangelo's celebrated David in the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS. The afternoon is free for independent sightseeing and browsing through the shops in Piazza Santa Croce. Florentine leather goods and gold jewelry sold by the ounce are attractive buys. To give you a chance to dine at a fine Tuscan restaurant of your choice, we have not included dinner tonight. Ask your tour director for suggestions. (Buffet Breakfast included)

Day 6 Florence-Venice. North through the fertile Lombardian plains to Verona, medieval setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. See Juliet's Balcony and stroll around the picturesque market square before continuing to Venice in the afternoon. (Buffet Breakfast included)

Day 7 Venice. Start morning sightseeing in style as you glide by private boat along the Giudecca Canalto meet your resident expert. Highlights of your walking tour are ST. MARK'S SQUARE and the BYZANTINE BASILICA, lavish DOGES' PALACE and the Bridge of Sighs. Also watch VENETIAN GLASS BLOWERS fashion their delicate objects in an age-old traditional manner. Afterwards enjoy Veniceat your own pace or join an optional gondola ride. Tonight is your chance to sample the city's fine restaurants. (Buffet Breakfast included)

Day 8 Venice-Rome. A kaleidoscope of Italian landscapes parades past the coach windows on the way through the lush plains of the mighty River Po and across the wooded Etruscan Apennine mountain range. An exciting detour then takes you off the highway into the vine- and olive-clad Tuscan Hills which are the home of the popular Chianti wines. After a lunch break speed south along the Highway of the Sun. An optional festive dinner at one of Rome's gourmet restaurants may be just the way to celebrate the success of your leisurely Italian vacation. (Buffet Breakfast included)

Day 9 Your homebound flight arrives the same day. (Buffet Breakfast included)

This nine-day trip will show you the highlight cities of Italy— covering it all from St. Peter's, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum and the Forum in Rometo Michelangelo's David in Florence, and St. Mark's Basilica and Doges' Palace in Venice. Local experts in these cities will answer all your questions. Also included are stops in Pisa to admire the Leaning Tower and in Veronato see Juliet's Balcony. Scenic drives will show you the Tyrrhenian Coast, the Lombardian Planes, the flat Poarea, the wooded Etruscan Apennine mountain range and Tuscany’s Chianti wine country. In Venicea private boat ride and a glass blower’s demonstration are included.

If you are interested, please call Bigelow Travel at 207-564-2700 or e-mail


The Brownville 5th grade made their annual trip to Boston on Friday. After waiting all year to go the class boarded their Cyr bus at 5am and returned about 11pm.

The class first visited the Omni Theater and watched "Storm Chasers". It was a wonderful show. Then they spent about two hours touring the Museum of Science. Outside the museum, the class posed for a picture in front of a large dinosaur.

At that point, they met their tour guide and hiked the Freedom Trail, visiting places like Paul Revere's House, the Old North Church and the Constitution.

Here the whole group poses for a picture outside the State House. One of the highlights of the trip was climbing the 294 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument.

Mrs. Weston and her class thank all the parents who raised the money for this trip and chaperoned. It was a great to see so much of the history they've studied.

The class was very well behaved and were great representatives of their school.

Kiwanians Nancy Grant and Frank Cochrane joined us at our April 29th assembly to honor Terrific Kids Harli Moors, J.D. Hammond and Ms. Lauren Crocker. Ms. Ivy said that Harli is a very hard worker. She always pays attention and follows the rules. Harli is always a kind friend. Mrs. Carter is very proud of J.D. He did all of his homework and returned his signed planner every day this week. J.D. is very involved in everything that goes on in the classroom. He has a sweet

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personality. Miss K. said that Lauren has had a wonderful week. She has worked very hard and has been a role model for the class and the school. Ms. Crocker even completed all of her written work this week!!!

Bus students of the week: Laura Gray, Josh Gray and Haley Morel Move and Improve Student Prize Winners: Harmony, Edward, Rebecca, Cassidy, Trevor

Move and Improve Staff Prize Winner: Mrs. Johnston
Birthdays: Lindsay Turner and Shalene Cody (Both are age 9)
Congratulations to all of our Terrific Kids.

Grades 2 and 3 presented a singing rendition of the Preamble to the Constitution.

May Assembly Dates (Please note changes due to field trips, Kindergarten Registration and a Teacher Workshop Day)

Friday May 6 10:50
Thursday May 12 11:00
Thursday May 19 11:00
Thursday May 26 11:00

Mrs. Johnston is working with the students in grades 2-5 on a Mother's Day book project. She is teaching scapbooking skills.

The students have used the internet during computer class to find two quotes to put in their books. They wrote one quote of their own and also created a special message to their Mom's. They used Appleworks to choose Font, Style, Color, and Size and to publish their writing.

The students will have two more work sessions to complete their projects.

We have had several new patrons reading western books, but our western literature is not all in one area making it harder for patrons to find western titles. Our books are placed alphabetically by author throughout our fiction collection. Western readers have asked the library staff about finding their favorite genre, and we can easily name Zane Grey or Louis L’Amour, but then we had to suggest that they look for their favorite western authors. I decided to be able to do more than that. For the past two months I have been organizing the fiction and dusting the shelves. Was I ever surprised to discover that we have 58 western authors. I typed up the list , and it is now positioned on the end of one of the stacks. Western readers can quickly discover if we have their favorite authors or perhaps find new ones to read. Come in and find out what western authors we have available.

The Kiwanis Kids Korner has begun their spring sessions. Don Harris and Frank Cochrane walked the children down from the school to the library where Val Robertson had milk, graham crackers, yogurt, grapes, watermelon and the biggest strawberries I have ever seen. The children were really awed by the sight of them. Val is trying to concentrate on healthy snacks even more than she did previously as the schools are also promoting such good food. The “Kids” helped Val decide what would be the most tasty and healthy snacks to have in the coming Kiwanis Kids sessions, worked on a favorite book project and heard Mr. Wiggle’s Book about the care of books. In staggered groups, they came upstairs to see the library’s newest juvenile books and to make their selections to take home for a week or two. The library staff enjoyed greeting former “Kids” again and getting acquainted with new ones. It was fun to have the Kiwanis Kids Korner starting up again.

Another book order has arrived and these are our latest titles:-

Barr, Nevada HARD TRUTH
Chesney, Marion SICK OF SHADOWS
Chiaverini, Jennifer THE SUGAR CAMP QUILT
Clark, Mary Higgins NO PLACE LIKE HOME
Hoffman, Alice THE ICE QUEEN
Landvik, Lorna OH MY STARS
Mitchard, Jacquelyn THE BREAKDOWN LANE
Sparks, Nicholas TRUE BELIEVER

As you spring-clean or are just trying to make room, it’s not too late to get your books to the library for our big sale on June 11. If we see any books we can use in our collection , we prepare them for use by our patrons. Otherwise all the books will be in our book sale to benefit our younger patrons. We hope all of you will come to our book sale on Saturday, June 11 from 9:00-1:00. A great time to get books for camp, vacation travel, summer reading or whatever. We will continue to keep you informed as the time draws closer.

Library Winter Hours
Saturday 2:00-4:00
Telephone 943-2612

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Traditions of a Milo-ite
The Variety Show is fast approaching. Chorus rehearsals twice weekly, costuming decisions, finding other acts besides the chorus, and scheduling times that the Town Hall is going to be available for dress rehearsals have been a way of life for me recently. This year's choral medleys are a bit more complicated than they have been in previous years. We've had a wonderful group of singers....who seem to be dedicated to the cause. It's all about the kids.....and it's all about reading.

The Three Rivers Kiwanis does so much for the children in this district. The money raised at the Variety Show will pay for a number of wonderful reading programs for the children. The Milo Elementary School runs their RIF program with funding from the Kiwanis.

The Brownville Elementary School gets help from not only the Kiwanis, but also from the Brownville P.T.O. and the National RIF Foundation to run their successful program. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Brownville will once again be the State Champions in the RIF Reading Challenge in 2005. That would mean they were three-time champions! The Three Rivers Kiwanis with Val Robertson at the helm runs a very successful after school library program at the Milo Public Library.

The Brownville Elementary School runs a summer reading program with Debbie Page spearheading it. Mrs. Page's research indicates that children who own....and read....7 books during the summer will maintain their reading level during the weeks that they are out for summer vacation. Realizing the importance of moving forward in reading rather than slipping backwards, Debbie, with the help of funds from as many sources as she can muster, makes it possible for all 109 students in Brownville to have eight or nine books...and she's done this for two years in a row. Children bring books to swap, Kiwanis gives a big donation of money for new books, and there were other contributors as well. When the kids leave for home that last day of school this year, they will have a big bag full of reading materials again. No excuses for them not to do lots of summer reading!

So, folks, you see how important it is for you to support us by attending this Variety Show. It's going to be a great show....On Broadway....7:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday evenings May 6th and 7th at the Milo Town Hall. Tickets are $5.00 and there will be lots of great refreshments on sale. Come early and get a great seat! With any luck the place will be packed both nights. The acts aren't all going to be about Broadway...there will be something of interest for all ages.

Now on to another about this rain? If only Mother Nature would drench us now and then get it out of her system and allow us a beautiful summer...with warm breezy nights that hold a little sprinkle around about 2:00 a.m...maybe rain about 15 or 20 minutes....doncha' think that would be ideal? Well, she's drenching us all right!! The warm breezy summer nights remain to be seen! You know me! I'm such a weather malcontent that I think I can't stand another minute of precipitation. I want sun....and I want it now. I want warm....and I want it now. Mostly, I'm ready for camp and for flowers, and I want them now. If I went all the way back to my Native American roots....which wouldn't be that far of a stretch....I know I'd be the kind of good native who danced around to the Sun Gods.

Speaking of my Native American roots...why is it that some people have it in their genetic makeup to love to sing and dance...and others could care less. Some people even hate it. Music hurts some people's ears. Can you imagine it? I am so glad that I got a music gene (truth be told I'm confident that I got more than one, as both of my parents adored to sing and dance....and whistle). Many people think I'm creative and clever at lots of things, but I think not. I've often wondered why God would create a person like me....who loves to create things with thread, cloth and yarn....but made me left handed and unable to figure out directions. God gave me the gene that wants a clean house....but He forgot to give me the being able to focus gene. Everyone
knows that in order to keep a clean house you've got to be able to focus on completing one job...beginning to end without getting distracted. That's right....He sure gave me the distractibility gene!

If I don't make a list for myself on Saturday mornings, I'm licked. On top of having a checkoff list in front of me, my husband has to go along behind me and keep reminding me to keep focused. Of course, that only serves to infuriate me, especially if I've found something really cool to wander off and do. I got an arts and crafts gene, but my lack of being able to focus distracts me quickly. I find projects I'd like to do....and then can't find the time or get the supplies together in a timely enough fashion to hold my interest. I'm a wicked magazine hoarder. Right now I've got a stack of magazines to go through. I've saved them for way too long. There is probably one or two things in each magazine that I want to keep for future reference...and then I could get rid of them. I can't find the time....and when I do have a minute, can't focus on the job at hand. What I might think is pertinent to cut out today, may be altogether different from what I might be interested in a week or two from now.

And, you can only imagine how many recipes and in how many books I have them in....not in too much order, either. I have three grandchildren with attention deficit disorder....I'm beginning to think I might have a clue where they got that gene. I'm pretty sure I would benefit from Ritalin.

It is very close to Rhubarb time. I don't know if I've ever shared this wonderful relish recipe or not....but if you have a rhubarb patch and if you love a cold condiment on hamburgers, hotdogs or any kind of must give this a try. It's wonderful and about the only preserve that I religiously make, year after year.

Rhubarb Relish

2 cups finely chopped fresh or frozen rhubarb
2 cups finely chopped onion
2-1/2 cups packed brown sugar
1 cup vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon pepper

In a saucepan, combine all ingredients. Cook over medium heat for 30 minutes or until thickened, stirring occasionally. Cool; store in the refrigerator. Makes about 3 1/3 cups.

Buy-Sell Arrangements For Small Business Owners
As a business owner, have you considered what would happen if you could no longer run your company due to death or disability? Who would take over the management role? Would the business be sold? These questions just skim the surface of the many issues that would need to be addressed if a business owner were incapable of continuing to manage the company, especially if there are several co-owners.

Effective planning for continuity of ownership in the event of an owner’s death, disability or even retirement is vital to the survival of a business. A buy-sell agreement can help settle these issues before they arise and can be beneficial to all parties involved. This type of arrangement ensures a smoother transfer of ownership and lets the business carry on without disruption, even if some disputes occur.

So what is a buy-sell agreement? It is a written agreement between two or more owners of a business and is based on a triggering event such as one owner’s death, disability or retirement. When such an event occurs, the agreement provides that one or more owners have an obligation to buy the business interest from the party who is “selling”.
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A buy-sell agreement can be designed to provide for the financial and estate planning objectives of business owners. For example, surviving owners often want a way to quickly convert the business interest of the departing owner into cash. Such an arrangement can provide liquidity to the heirs of that owner while preventing them from receiving part of a business that they may not desire or be capable of managing. Furthermore, if an owner is disabled or retired, he or she could liquidate a business interest and have access to cash for living expenses.

There are several benefits to buy-sell agreements. These types of agreements can guarantee a buyer for a business interest and provide a fair price for the owner who is selling, as well as allow for orderly succession of ownership. In addition, a buy-sell agreement can insulate the remaining owners from intervention by the former owner’s heirs, which could be an uncomfortable situation.

The first step to creating a buy-sell agreement is to determine the value of your business. This value helps estimate future funding obligations of the parties involved in the arrangement.

There are several ways a business can be valued for a buy-sell agreement. For example, some arrangements specify a fixed price that is periodically adjusted as time goes by and the value of the business increases or decreases. Another method is to use a formula encompassing several factors of the business, such as book value, sales and earnings. This formula can be used to plug in the current figures at any time to determine the value. Frequently, the parties involved in a buy-sell agreement choose to consult an independent appraiser to establish fair market value.

As you can see, developing a buy-sell agreement is a significant responsibility for you as a business owner. You’ll need to address the legal, financial and tax-related implications of your buy-sell arrangement so it’s important to involve your legal and tax advisors, as well as your financial consultant, throughout the process. . If you would like to receive the publication, Buy-Sell Agreements for Your Closely Held Business, by A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., please contact financial consultant, Shelley Phillips-Mills in Bangor at 800-947-5456.
This article was provided by A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc., Member SIPC.

Attention Brownville Water System Users:
The Town of Brownville will begin routine hydrant flushing of the Village and Junction water systems beginning on Monday, May 2, 2005. We anticipate that this necessary component of our maintenance plan will last for approximately two weeks and apologize for any inconvenience or loss in water pressure that customers may experience. Please call the Town Office at 965-2561 with questions.

STANLEY NORMAN CLARK ELEANOR NAOMI CLARK DERBY - A graveside memorial service for Stanley Norman and Eleanor Naomi Clark will be held at noon, Monday, May 9, at the Maine Veterans Cemetery, 163 Mount Vernon Road, Augusta. Call Mark at 786-8694 if directions are required.

Byron Newbert Spear, Sr.
LYNCHBURG, VA – Byron Newbert Spear, Sr. Our precious husband, dad, son, "Grampie", brother and friend, Byron Newbert Spear, Sr., age 74, went to be with our Lord on April 19, 2005. Byron was preceded in death by his father, Newbert Percy Spear, and brother, Dale A. Spear, both of Milo, Maine. Byron leaves his mother, Avis Archer Spear of Milo to cherish the memories of her first-born son. Byron's brother, Darrel E. Spear of Melbourne, Fla. will miss his traveling buddy. Lee Trembley Spear, wife of his deceased brother Dale, will miss the antics of her fun brother-in-law. Byron's wife and devoted partner of 52 years, Faye, is thankful for all the support and love given them,
and will cherish many happy memories, along with their children, Bert and wife Karia Spear of Richland, Washington; Doug and wife Cindy Spear of Forest, Va. as well , as Judi and husband Warren Coleman of Richmond, Va.; fourteen grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Byron will be remembered for his quick wit and good sense of humor, his commitment to family and to his church where he served as deacon. In addition ,"Grampie's" silly songs and jokes will continue to be told by his grandchildren, along with a slew of friends he has enjoyed through the years. Many will remember how Byron helped them as a compassionate fellow cancer sojourner. Byron's love for the outdoors was evident in his activities with the Lynchburg Area Master Gardener's Association where he was recently honored with the position of Master Gardener Emeritus, and through his wood-working, camping and trout fishing experiences.

Born in Mapleton, Maine, Byron was part of a close knit community until he left his beloved state to join the Army. After finishing his tour of duty in Korea he was stationed in Virginia, where he met his wife, Faye Funk. They married and settled in Richmond for almost twenty years. He was employed by Georgia Pacific for many of these years and was transferred by GP to Lynchburg in 1969. Byron retired from GP in 1982, remaining in Lynchburg until his death. He never left behind his "Down Eastern" roots, however, traveling to Maine often to visit family and friends. Byron was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago, and found' his strength and comfort in God as
he determinedly battled the disease. We all rejoiced when his treatments were completed and he enjoyed several months of good health before it was discovered that the cancer had found its way to his brain. Rather than become depressed, Byron accept-
ed the diagnosis with courage, drawing on his strong faith and his overall optimism and good sense of humor. He joked that many had accused him over the years, of having rocks in his head, and now he surely did! He also enjoyed teasing ladies by telling them they could rub his head either for a quarter or a kiss! Byron enjoyed a full year after the brain diagnosis, visiting his mom in Maine twice, traveling to the West Coast to visit his oldest son Bert, and entertaining a host of relatives and friends at home.

In January, cancer was found in Byron's liver, and with peace that was beyond comprehension, Byron lived out the remaining months strongly holding onto his faith in an eternally good God; passing from this life to the next with laughter and hope.

The family received friends at Diuguid Wiggington Chapel, 811 Wiggington Rd., Sunday from 3- 4:30 pm. Also a Celebration of Life Service followed at 7:00 pm at Hyland Heights Baptist Church. Byron's family would sincerely be blessed if you would make a donation to their church's building fund, rather than sending flowers. Please send your donations to Hyland Heights Baptist Church Building Fund at P.O. Box 4538, Lynchburg, Va., 24502

Lisa Marie Weston, 33 of Ashley, IL. and Brownville, Maine died as the results of an automobile accident near Ashley IL .April 19,2005. Ms. Weston was born July 3, 1971 in Milo, Maine; the daughter of Jared and Katheryn (Beebee) Weston. Lisa is survived by her father & stepmother Jared & Anne Weston of Brownville, Three children Justin, Joshua &Kalynn of IL. She is also survived by her mother Katheryn Stinson of IL, half-brother Michael Weston & his companion Annette of Bangor, two half-brothers Leo & Michael, a half-sister Rebekah Levesque of IL .She also leaves behind stepbrothers, stepsisters and many Uncles, Aunts, cousins, nieces & nephews in Maine.

Lisa was predeceased by a maternal grand-mother Charlene Whitten Pulley and her paternal grand-parents Herbert & Ida Weston. Funeral services were held April 25th in Nashville IL. Interment was in Ashley City Cemetery. A service will be held at a later date here in Maine.
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MAY 1968
2-3-Sunny & windy-4-Rain AM Cloudy windy PM
5- Cloudy-36° at 7:10 am 6-Cloudy sunny windy PM
7-Sunny & windy 8-Sunny-54° at 8 pm

2-Hamburger, potato, peas, and fruit and milk every day.
3-B.L.T.C. wrap, oven fries, and carrots.
4-Lasagna, garden salad, dinner roll, and birthday cake.
5-Deli turkey, macaroni salad, and cucumbers.
6-Juice, breadsticks, cheese/sauce, assorted vegs. and desserts.
9-Chicken nuggets, French fries, corn, and dinner roll.
10-Dagwood sand., lettuce/tomato, smiles, and apple crisp.
11-Shepherds pie, hot carrots, and dinner roll.
12-Beef burrito, salad, rice pudding, and choc. Pudding.
13-Italian sand., fries, vegetable, and icy juicy.
16-Steak-um sand., potato, and buttered beets.
17-Yogurt tray, salad, and wheat roll.
18-Award Winning Chili, corn bread, and green beans.
19-Free For Seniors-Pizza, broccoli/cheese, and strawberry shortcake.
20-Teacher Workshop-No School
23-Chicken burger, mixed veg., and dinner roll.
24-Super sand., pickle wedge, hash brown, Calif. Blend veg., and Jell-O/topping.
25-Taco, rice, and lettuce/tomato.
26-Pigs in a blanket, potato log, and assorted vegs. and desserts.
27-Juice, French toast, hash brown, and applesauce.

Three Rivers Kiwanis News

Children: Priority One

The Three Rivers Kiwanis Club meets at The Restaurant each Wednesday morning at 6:30 to eat breakfast, enjoy fellowship, hear speakers on various interesting topics, and to share ideas. All are welcome to visit with us. If you would like to join our organization, please contact Dorothy Brown or any other Kiwanian for an application. We are involved in many worthwhile local projects and would be very pleased to have you participate in them.

Regular Meeting April 27, 2005
President Murrel Harris greeted 22 members and six guests this morning.

The flag salute was led by Roy Bither. The prayer today was given by Edwin Treworgy. He asked for prayers for our leaders, as we seem not to be doing a good job of running the world, our leaders need wisdom and peace if we are to live in a world without conflict. He asked for prayers for the sick and bereaved, and for our military people who are fighting and remain in danger.

The inspirational reading was by Don Harris today. Sand Castles, a story about life, by Max Lucado. The story describes the difference between a little boy and a man, how they look at the building of a sand castle. A little boy shows delight at a wave coming and taking the sand castle out to sea, whereas a man will try and protect the wave from taking the sand castle. The author advises that he does not know much about sand castles. But children do. Watch them and learn. Go ahead and build, but build with a child’s heart. When the sun sets and the tides take---applaud.

President Murrel Harris introduced the president of Kiwanis Sunrise Club of Dexter, Rick Bilodeau. Rick then introduced three members from his club, Jerry, Mike and Shawn. President Murrel also greeted Bill Sawtell and Merlene Sanborn.
Correspondence today was an Orono Old/Town Kiwanis newsletter, passed for all to read.

Birthday greetings go out this week to Kathy Witham as she celebrates her special day on May 2nd. A Very Happy Birthday to you.

Fourteen Happy and Sad Dollars were donated for having the Dexter Kiwanis Sunrise Club here, for Rick, from Dexter, being here for the first time, the completion of the removal of the old house on Park Street, Herb Dunham having a new grandchild, two happy dollars for Joe’s leadership as he has worked so diligently on the gazebo project, attending to all the details, besides hammering away. Joe also provides leadership for the upcoming auction. A Happy dollar for

all those who have worked on the building of the gazebo, a friendly vendetta with a friend in Dover, Val and the Kiwanis Kids Library Program that starts up today, and A-Rod’s three homeruns and ten RBI’s of last night. Don gave a happy dollar for a 350 mile round trip to Bridgton for a three hour visit with friends for cake and coffee in the downpour of last week-end. A sad dollar was given as Roy again leaves for a time in Pennsylvania.

Reports: Val gave a brief report about the start up of the Kiwanis Kids Corner. She is looking for some assistance with this program. Frank and Don will be on hand today to assist with walking the children from school to the library. Frank and Don will assist Val as she prepares and serves healthy snack foods to the children today.

Kathy Witham gave an updated report on the upcoming variety show on May 6 and 7. She has requested that all members bring food that can be served at the variety show for both nights. Kathy advises that more skits can still be used.

Joe reported on Auction updates. Tickets are completed and have been handed out by Frank Cochrane. Letters to area businesses are completed, porta-potty details have been attended to, and tents will need to be put up. Donated items can be stored at the farm. If anyone has items to donate please call Don or Frank or any other Kiwanian to arrange pick-up.

A report on the Gazebo by Joe Zamboni reveals that the shingling is now completed; he is now awaiting Herb and Gary for the completion and addition of the cupola. The placement of the railings will be done by members of the American Legion, Post #41; a crew will then be needed for the painting/staining. Bobby Ellison will complete the paths, Dick DeWitt the electric, some members of the Milo Garden Club met at the gazebo site this past week to map out the arrangement of flowers/shrubs and bedding, as the weather permits. Nameplates will be plastic, as it is not recommended to have brass to due to the outside weather. Our goal is to have the gazebo ready for dedication on Memorial Day week-end.

A discussion was held on the purchase of a long grill that could be used for large gatherings. The cost of the grill is approximately $ 275.00. The need for a grill is evident with the auction, use at the cruise-in and now for the picnic in the park. Roy Bither has happily agreed to purchase a grill and donate to the Kiwanis. A very nice deed, indeed!

The gazebo cook-out will be a joint fund raiser. PAWS has agreed to do the work.

Murrel introduced today’s speakers, Jim Macomber and Merlene Sanborn from Penquis Leadership Institute. They discussed the promotion of community development by strengthening local leadership. The Penquis Leadership Institute begins their fourth session in September, 2005. Jim and Merlene advised that The Penquis Leadership Institute (PLI) is designed to help interested local residents sharpen their leadership skills and gain a better understanding of the Penquis region and its community development needs. Participants will emerge from the program with a better understanding of their own strengths and skills, along with a working knowledge of the people and systems that drive our region.

The program sessions will be scheduled at local sites during weekdays, with eight sessions from September to April, 2006, minimizing travel and disruptions to work and family schedules. Local presenters will be used and local teams projects assigned, maximizing networking opportunities for participants. They will keep enrollment at 15-20 members, and will be representing a broad cross-section of the Penquis region’s population. Tuition is $350.00 per student. They will be provided for a 5.6 CEU’s at completion. Call toll free, 800-590-2942 or 207-564-2942 for more information and/or an application. Some scholarships are available.

Our speaker for May 4th will be Mike Cuskelly from the Boy Scouts.

Respectfully submitted by Dorothy Brown, secretary

Would all of you wonderful Kiwanian Cooks please bring your treats to the Milo Town Hall between 5pm and 6pm Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th?

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