Three Rivers News, 2002-01-08


     Thanks to the efforts of Seth Barden and Tom Witham, the Three Rivers News can now be read worldwide! By going to Milo’s website, WWW.TRCMAINE.ORG, the weekly newspaper can be read from any computer that is hooked to the Internet. And people are reading it!
     The Trcmaine website has been up and running for five years. Seth and Tom designed and built the website to enter a contest and won. The site was updated recently by the two men and is a wonderful, informative way for area folks and those from away to keep up on local happenings and events. The site has received e-mails from as far away as Japan! Here is a sampling of the comments received:

To: <>
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 19:19:49

     To all the people that put this together (the newspaper), very nice. I will look forward to it each week. I am sure I may be able to help out. Feel free to contact me.
Paul W. Brown, The old Town Crier photographer And from Japan…
Dear Three Rivers News Editors:
     I just read your e-mail version of the Three Rivers News' New Year issue. Congratulations on launching such a needed and well done publication. Life is all about people and serving the area in this way helps family and friends stay connected. I'm posting your site in my “favorites” category and look forward to future issues. My wife had me copy Kathy Witham's recipe for the Farmer's Strata, so we could share it with friends here. Thus, your newspaper is being digested in Japan in more than one way.
     Congratulations also to the Patriot teams which have enjoyed recent victories. It's nice to see names of relatives associated with these events.
     Again, kudos to the Three Rivers Kiwanis Club for this wonderful news service!
Sincerely yours,
Tom Poole, MHS'64
Ikoma, Japan
Kathy Witham received this response to the paper being online:

     What a wonderful website!! I've been mesmerized reading all of the news. I can't get over the size of the newsletter. So wonderfully "small town". I read every word of every column and loved it (except the part where Stearns got beat). A great undertaking if I ever saw one!! Loved your contribution too. Kudos to Three Rivers Community!!
     As one of the editors of the newspaper, I can’t tell you how much these kind words mean to us.. For two months we have been putting our hearts and souls into making the paper as readable, informative and entertaining as possible. I think we are getting there. Thanks to Seth and Tom, the paper is much more available to folks who want to keep in touch with what is going on in our wonderful area. We have big plans for both the paper and the website. The donations we have received are almost covering the cost of printing and when we have extra money, we are going to buy or lease our own printer (we currently use the PVHS copier).
     So please keep the comments and donations coming, both will help us publish a better paper.

     Al and Tiny Tweedie would like to thank everyone who has sent cards or gifts to them and their son James. They would especially like to thank their special heroes, Glenda and Parker Heal. James was badly injured in a car accident December 26th and because of the quick actions and caring of Parker and Glenda, his life was saved. Al and Tiny would also like to thank the Milo Fire Department and the area ambulance services.
     James and his friend Justin Dean were involved in the accident and both boys are now recovering. We at the paper wish you both all the best.

Penquis Girls Win Big
Lady Patriots 67, MA 44
Lincoln, January 2--Penquis's fine trio of guards accounted for 56 points-12 more than MA's total in the game, as Wally Russell's club downed MA 67-44. Megan Russell had 24, April Allen 17, and Lindsay Hamlin 15 to lead the way.
Courtney Gulesian threw in 12 and Keegan Alley 10 for MA.
Quarter Scores
Penquis 23 38 55 67
MA 4 21 34 44
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     Three River News is published weekly by Three Rivers Kiwanis. It is available Tuesdays at the Milo Farmer’s Union, BJ’s Market, Graves Service Station, Robinson’s Fuel Mart, D & M, All-In-One Stop, Milo Exxon, and Milo True Value.
     The paper can also be viewed online at Donations can be mailed to Valerie Robertson, PO Box 81, Milo, Maine 04463
     Letters to the editor, social news, school news, items of interest, or coming social events may be submitted NO LATER THAN FRIDAY NOON to the following addresses:
     Valerie Robertson, PO Box 81, Milo, Maine 04463 or e-mailed to or call 943-2324.
     Nancy Grant, 10 Belmont St. Milo, Maine 04463, or e-mailed to or call 943-5809.
     Please drop suggestions and comments into the donation box or contact one of us. We welcome your ideas.
     All opinions are those of the editors unless otherwise stated. We will publish no negative or controversial comments. The paper is written, printed, and distributed by unpaid volunteers. Donations are used to cover expenses of printing, paper and materials.

Valerie Robertson
Nancy Grant
Sheri Conley
Ed Treworgy

From: Senator Paul T.Davis, Sr.
(207) 287-1505 or (207) 876-4047
January 3, 2002

(AUGUSTA, ME) - Senator Paul Davis (R-Sangerville) has introduced legislation for the Second Regular Session that, if enacted, will give the residents of Atkinson the opportunity to decide the future of their town.
What's at stake? Whether or not the community should deorganize and become one of approximately 400 unorganized territories in Maine.
     With a population of 320 people that is continually shrinking, Atkinson has seen its tax rate skyrocket over the years to pay for town services and educational expenses for SAD 41. In order for a community to have the option of deorganizing as a town, the Legislature must first give its approval for the town to present a referendum question to the citizens of
that community.
     "Every town and its citizens have the right to decide how their community will look in the future. Deorganization may not be the best solution for the problems the town is facing, but it is a decision that should be made by the people who live in that community. I sponsored legislation so Atkinson has the needed vehicle to present this plan to its residents and to let them have the opportunity to choose what they think is best for Atkinson, "Senator Davis stated.
     If the Legislature enacts LD 1909, An Act to Permit the Town of Atkinson to Deorganize, the board of assessors shall submit the following question to the voters of Atkinson by ballot at a special election: "Do you favor the deorganization of the Town of Atkinson?" This Act must be approved by at least 2/3 of the legal voters voting at the special election, and the total number of votes cast for and against the acceptance of this Act at

the election must equal or exceed 50% of the total number of votes cast in the town for Governor at the last gubernatorial election in order to become effective.
     Atkinson is part of a growing trend in Maine that is pursuing deorganization as a possible solution to mounting educational and municipal government regulations. The small town of Madrid in Oxford County dis-incorporated in April of 2000, dissolving its local government, citing "apathy" and "too many state laws to enforce" as the reason. A public hearing will be held on LD 1909 before the State and Local Government Committee on January 16, at 9:30 a.m. in room 216 of the Cross State Office Building. Senator Davis and Representative Jim Annis (the bill's cosponsor) encourage anyone interested in this issue to attend the hearing and provide testimony either for or against the legislation.
     First settled in 1804 by Bylie Lyford, Atkinson was incorporated as Maine's 230th town in 1819. The town was named in honor of Judge Atkinson of New
Hampshire, who furnished the town with a library of 100 volumes.

PTO Plans Father / Daughter Dance
     The Brownville PTO will be having an important meeting to discuss the Father/Daughter Dance on January 9th at 6:30 p.m. There is a lot to discuss and to get finalized. Please plan to attend and help out.

Brownville Trivia

Choose the best answer.

1. The YMCA had a
a. swimming pool
b. tennis court
c. movie theater
d. chapel

2. The Arbos owned
a. Dillon's Hall
b. the Briggs Block
c. the Prairie Pavilion
d. the Ross Farm

3. BJHS's last basketball game was with
a. Milo
b. Sumner
c. Searsport
d. Ashland

4. Jimmy Hay was a
a. YMCA Secretary
b. quarry foreman
c. selectman
d. meat man

5. An early Brownville newspaper was
a. the Slate
b. the Brownville News
c. the Pioneer
d. the Times

6. The Stickneys came from
a. England
b. France
c. Italy
d. Spain

7. Brownville's first town manager was
a. Lyle Towne
b. Earl Gerrish, Jr.
c. Everett Gerrish
d. David Barrett

8. Bernard Jones was a veteran of
a. the Civil War
b. the Spanish-Amer. War
c. WWI

9. Webber Jones was a(n)
a. Republican
b. Democrat
c. Independant
d. Green Party Member

10. BJHS burned in
a. 1919
b. 1921
c. 1933
d. 1945

ANSWERS: 1.b, 2.c, 3.c, 4.a, 5.c, 6.a, 7.c, 8.c, 9.a, 10. b,
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The Brownville Extension Homemaker’s Group will hold their next meeting on January 9th at the home of Trelba Rollins. They will be planning their program for the year. At the conclusion of the meeting ,they will hold an auction.
The meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Anyone interested in joining may contact Regina Blodgett at 965-8588.

Marion C. Cook Elementary School News
Ms. Ivy's Stars
     Cody Dunham was this week's Terrific Kid. His favorite color is black. His favorite part of the school day is Journal time. Ms. Ivy picked Cody because he's been learning to follow the school rules, learning to be a good listener, and trying to be an independent writer.
     Sabrina Fadilah was this week's K/1 Bus Student of the Week. Keep up the good work!

Mrs. Carter's Class
     The second and third graders will be studying the human body. They are very excited. It should be an interesting unit. The word chunk this week is "aw." This means that all their spelling words will have that sound in them.
     The Terrific Kid this week was Kimberly Babcock. The Bus Student of the Week was Jerrica Sneed. The Super Kid was Timothy Buchak .Great job everyone!
     Mrs. Carter's students wish you a Happy New Year!

Miss K's Class
     Bradley Cimpher is the Terrific Kid. He says that he feels proud to be a role model. Tyler Elsenheimer won the Rite Aid Holiday Coloring Contest. He said, "I just took my time."
     The class is learning all about the three branches of government. Students created charts illustrating the branches and how they work together.
     They are being displayed on the bulletin board.
     The students are also studying about fossils. They made fossils in art class. The unit is called "Change Over Time."
     Ms. Bunny Goodman paid a visit to the class to discuss Hanukkah and it's traditions. It was a very informative and interesting talk.
     Marilyn Wiles, after breaking her ankle last Sat., had to have surgery this Friday. A plate with many screws was put in her ankle. Some cards might brighten her recovery. P.O. Box 273, Milo 04463.
     Roy and Joan Bither spent an enjoyable Christmas break with their youngest son and family in Littleton, Ma. David is Vice President in charge of engineering for CRESCENT networks, which can be found on the web.
     Crescent Networks is comprised of over 120 highly motivated, talented and creative employees working in a team environment. Its top-notch talent has a proven track record for developing successful networking solutions at leading companies including 3Com, Ascend Communications, AT&T, Cabletron, Cascade, Ciena, Cisco Systems, Digital, Intel, Lucent Technologies, MCI WorldCom, Newbridge and Nortel Networks.

     Jeanne and Brian Hamlin drove to Salem, Virginia, December 28 to visit for a week with their daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, Casey, Jason, and Morgan Cavagnaro. New Year's Eve, as Casey was stopped at a traffic light, she was run into from behind by a pickup truck, whose driver was rushing his mother to the hospital with an apparent heart attack. Casey's car was demolished both front and back, as it was forced into the car ahead, but she and her passenger escaped with bruises. By Thursday night Casey had been treated with a large amount of her Mom and Dad's TLC, and was feeling better and thankful not to have been hurt worse. Having their seat belts fastened saved her and her passenger from serious injury. Jeanne and Brian returned home Saturday, January 5.

     Ethelyn and Ed Treworgy were fortunate to have all five of their children and their families home during Christmas week. It was a whirlwind of activity with meals, gift opening, and good visiting with one or another of the families there every day. This is the first year that all five families have been able to be home during Christmas week, and it was certainly a week of great joy.

For the past several weeks, Ethelyn and Ed Treworgy have watched a squirrel walk the power line from the street to the power pole on the lawn near their house a hundred feet away each morning at the same time regardless of the weather or the condition of the wire. Except for one morning when the little stuntwoman (or man) seemed to be carrying a small pinecone, she has carried nothing. Is this a ritual? A rehearsal for a performance later in the year? Why does the squirrel walk the wire at the same time each morning? The Treworgys would like to hear from anyone who has a good theory about this.

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Traditions of a Milo-ite
     Okay, so we're sick to death of poultry. Quite frankly, I'm also a little tired of beef and pork. So, where does that leave us? Fish!!!
     What a great idea!!! Yeah, but your imagination has played out, and you can't for the life of you think of anything intriguing to do with fish. Or, you've got a family that turns up their noses at the very thought of fish fixed in the same old ways. Here are a few tried and true recipes that I've fixed for my family for years. The first recipe comes from my cousin Gail Fanjoy from Millinocket. Actually, I'm sure that her husband
     Bob came up with this recipe. Bob's a whiz in the kitchen and one of those guys that every woman would love to have around. He's the only person that I know that actually has a restaurant style gas range and stovetop in his own kitchen. He's put on more than his share of wonderful meals for family and friends prepared on that stove and then served in their absolutely gorgeous formal dining room. It’s a thrill to be invited to dine with them.

Salmon: grilled or baked in the oven
     Buy enough salmon fillet or salmon steaks to feed your family. You're the best judge of how much they can and will eat.
     Lay the salmon on a layer of foil that you can close up.
     Spread each fillet or steak with Ken's Sun-Ripened Tomato salad dressing. This doesn't have to be a thick layer of the dressing, but I don't schinch on it either. If I have any green or red pepper, I cut a couple of strips each and lay them over the top of the dressing. Once in a while, I cut a ring or two of onion and lay that decoratively over the top as well. If I have a lemon, I cut a wedge or two, squirt the juice onto the salmon and then drop the little squeezed lemon pieces into the packet.
     Close the packet and cook - medium heat on the grill for about 20 to 25 minutes or in a 375-degree oven for the same length of time.
     If I have any salmon left over from this recipe, I use it to make a small salmon chowder. I peel and cut up two small potatoes, chop a small onion, and cook them in enough water to cover them in a pot on top of the stove. When the potato is tender I add the cooked salmon (dressing and peppers and all!) that I've flaked into pieces and then pour in a 12oz. can of evaporated milk. Adding a small hunk of butter and some salt and pepper to taste makes a wonderful way to use this leftover.
     If you've got a nice piece of haddock that you'd like to find a new way to cook, try this: Again, you need to buy a piece (or pieces) of haddock that is big enough to serve your family.

Haddock Fillets
1 cup sour cream
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 tsp. salt
2 tsp. maple syrup
4 tablespoons crushed corn flakes

Spread ingredients over your haddock fillets and bake in a greased pan at 400 degrees for 35 minutes. We like to bake potatoes to go with this meal. You can wash and prick your potatoes and get them started about 25 minutes before you put the fish in the oven. Do you have a vegetable steamer? I wouldn't keep house without one now. What a great invention! You can steam fresh or frozen vegetables quickly and easily!
     The final fish recipe my family likes is one I found in Brownie Schrumpf's column many years ago in the Bangor Daily News. I can't imagine that Brownie would have minded if I shared it with you. It's too good not to be shared.

Scrod Baked in Sauce
1 lb. scrod (I've gotten this in the Farmer's Union before. You may have to ask the meat room to get it for you.)
4 tablespoons of butter
2 tablespoons of flour
Salt and pepper to taste
3/4 teasp. of dry mustard
1 tablespoon of prepared mustard
3/4 cup milk
1/4 cup minced green pepper
1/4 cup minced onion
1/2 cup dry bread crumbs

     Butter a 9-inch glass pie plate. Wash scrod and pat dry; place in pan. In a small saucepan over low heat, melt butter. Stir in salt, pepper, flour and mustards. (Yes, there are two mustards in this recipe.) Add milk
slowly and cook, stirring, until smooth and thickened. Add green pepper and onion, mixing well. Pour over the scrod and top with breadcrumbs. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes. Wonderful!!!
     Happy Fishing!

Editor’s note: Because of Kathy’s recipe this week, Bill has ordered scrod, so there will be some this week at the Farmers Union. This is an example of the power of the press!!!

News from Milo Elementary
Dear Parents/Guardians,
     Once again the cold/flu season is upon us. Many of you will remember how widespread this was in our district last year; absenteeism was very high and we came close to closing school to stop the spread of illness. You can help keep the numbers down by keeping your child home if he/she has symptoms of contagious illness. Fever, runny nose, persistent cough, sore throat, earache, vomiting, or even complaints of body aches and/or headache, are all good reasons to keep your child home for the day.
     Children who are sent to school with the advice "try to stick it out" not only cannot do their best work while not feeling well, but also put others in the school at risk for infection. Please be mindful of your child's complaints in the morning and do not send him/her to school sick. If your child presents the above symptoms at school, you will be called so that arrangements can be made for your child to come home.
     Thank you for your help in this matter, and please be understanding if we seem "overcautious" during this cold/flu season. It is for the protection of all school children and staff. Please call if you have questions or concerns about any health-related issue.

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     Milo Elementary welcomes a new school secretary this week. Mrs. Kim Morrill will be replacing Mrs. Foss, who retired on December 21. Kim is a Milo resident as well as a parent of first grader Brooke Morrill. We are happy to have her with us.

     Milo Elementary PTO will be holding their January meeting on Monday, January 7th at 7:00. We look forward to having a good turnout participating in the upcoming projects.

Milo Library News...
     For most of this year, I have received considerable help from a person in Ottawa, Canada who wishes to remain anonymous: thus, a GhostWriter. Keeping up with broken links on any subject is a time consuming, but rewarding chore. Our Ghost sends via email new and updated links, reports broken links, and offers suggestions for our Canada page. It has been a pleasure to hear from this person. It is one of life's happy surprises.

     Persons who have their e-mail address listed on our website may have received an e-mail letter with this subject heading: WARNING: A SPAM Robot harvested your email address! The email was sent to several libraries and to at least one of our Maine School and Library Network technology services personnel. Quote, "...this is a particular nasty spammer selling a hack to prevent robots from collecting your e-mail address off the web pages. Of course he ran such a robot to collect your address and spammed you."

Reducing Spam in Your In-Box:
Never respond to spam.
     Responding only confirms a valid address, especially when it includes a message on removal! Nobody has the time to read these replies and the last thing spammers want to do is remove valid names from their lists. These guys need you to reply to them. This verifies that they have a known good address.
     Blocking return receipt on your email software is another protective action. Check the help menu for instructions.

     We received a 50-dollar donation recently. We will be using the donation to supplement our Maine collection or a reference book about New England.

Editors note: There is a link to the Milo Library page at the site. Kitty does a great job on the site, so be sure to check it out.


     Four40 has been playing together for a over a year and continue to wow young audiences all over central Maine with their energetic rap-metal sets. The crowd can never resist joining in on the sing-along anthems this group blasts forth. Four40 consists of 5 seniors who attend Penquis Valley High School, Randy McMahon, drummer, Scott Stetson, guitarist, Eli Ladd on vocals, turntable and keyboards, Ryan LaMunyon, vocalist and Peter Bissell on bass.
     Four40 will be playing at the Milo Town Hall on Friday, January 25, with several other local acts, including BullRun, of the Hampden area, who play a great mix of modern rock tunes and acoustic ballads, and Days Like These, from Hermon, who play high-energy punk rock. The show is from 6pm –10pm and admission is $4.00. Proceeds will benefit the Milo Elm Street Field Complex.

Milo/Brownville Rec. Basketball Standings

1. BAILEYS    

1. BAILEYS    
5. GRANTS 1 4
6. BREWERS 0 5

     Women’s volleyball will resume at the Milo Town Hall on Monday, January 7, at 6pm with an open gym. League playoffs start January 14th.

     Jean Hanson, the Meals for Me. site supervisor at the Town Hall, has a grandson in California. As it turns out he and Murrell have made a connection across the miles. Jeramey Folster is the son of Jeans’s daughter Anne and works as the assistant to the executive director on the TV show “The West Wing”. Murrel had mentioned on numerous occasions that the show was one of his favorites and he watched it on a weekly basis.
     Over the holidays, when Jean and Harold went to Boston to visit with Anne and her family, Jeramey was there. Jean mentioned she had a fellow volunteer in Milo that loved “The West Wing” and was very interested in hearing of Jeramey’s work.

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     On Thursday, December 27, Jean arrived for duty at the Town Hall with a gift for Murrel: an original script for the 13th episode of “The West Wing”, a show that will air in February of 2002! Jeramey had brought a copy to Boston, for Murrel, and Jean had in turn brought it to Milo. What a great and interesting gift. It is fascinating to read the dialog and the director’s tips to the actors. It is, indeed, a small,small, world.

     On Friday, December 21, at The United Methodist Church, food cupboard volunteers Lou Dyer, Carolyn Sinclair, and Mary Lutterell distributed twenty-six Christmas Dinners. Murrel Harris, who gathers the names of recipients and Bill Warren, from the Town Hall, rounded out the crew. By the day’s end, twenty-six families had received the dinners, benefiting one-hundred people from the Milo, Brownville are.

Fire Calls, December, 2001
12/5 10:55 Car accident on Swett Hill 08:08 -12:53
12/13 10:55 Car roll-over in Sebec 12:16-12:53
12/17 E.M.S. assist-Crescent St. 12:24-12:54
12/24 E.M.S. assist Lakeview Rd. 07:45-08:28
12/24 E.M.S. assist Lakeview Rd. 17:32-17:46
12/26 Car/tree accident Lakeview Rd. 05:45-07:16
12/30 Roll-over Orneville 11:28-11:56

Milo Fire Department answered 118 calls in 2001.
January 2002 calls

1/1/02 Car roll-over Lagrange/Medford town line

The Milo Fire Department encourages everyone to make plans to attend the 40th annual Schoodic Lake Fishing Derby the weekend of February 16-17, 2002.
Includes fish caught in Ebeemee & Sebois Lakes

February 16 & 17, 2002

2002 Z-370 OR - 2002 250 2x4 ATV - YOUR CHOICE!
(Purchased from Cat Trax in LaGrange) plus free service donated
Buy your raffle tickets early and buy them often!!!!
Grand Prize Drawing will be broadcast LIVE at 6:30 pm , Feb. 17th on:
Radio: WDME, 103.1 FM


     The Meals for Me. program would like to wish everyone a safe and happy New Year. Make the resolution to attend a Meals for Me. dinner at one of the sites in the area. The food is great and the company is too!

Tues.,Jan.8 Haddock Sticks, Mashed Potato, Spinach, Strawberry Whip
Wed., Jan. 9 Chicken Noodle Casserole, Green Beans, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
Thurs., Jan. 10 Apple Juice, Seafood Chowder, Cole Slaw, Frosted Cake
Fri., Jan. 11 Boiled Dinner!! Ham, Potatoes, Carrots, Cabbage, Fresh Orange
Mon., Jan. 14 Tuna Casserole, Asparagus, Pineapple Chunks
Tues., Jan. 15 Chicken Pot Pie, Mashed Potato, Green Beans, Ice Box Pudding

     All meals are served with bread and a choice of beverages. A $2.50 donation is suggested and appreciated! We eat at the Milo Town Hall on Mondays and Thursdays, LaGrange Town Hall Apts. on Wednesdays, and Quarry Pines in Brownville on Fridays. We would love to see you there. The only requirement is that you are sixty or older…and hungry! See you there.

JANUARY 7th to 11th
Bacon/cheeseburger-school bun-rice pilaf-corn-pineapple-milk
Spaghetti/meat sauce-garden salad-dinner roll-fruited pudding/topping-milk
Vegetable soup-super sandwich-mixed fruit-milk
Macaroni/cheese-baked ham-baby carrots-dinner roll-apple crisp-milk
Bread sticks-cheese/sauce-sliced cukes-fresh fruit-milk

     Mary Ellen Keef entered the world on Jan. 2, weighing in at 10 lbs 3 ozs. She is the daughter of Paul and Michelle Keef who live in South Portland. Grandparents are Larry and Linda Horne Keef, Great-grandparents are Allan and Norma Horne. This is great-grandchild number twelve which gives me twelve great-nieces and nephews.

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     The Key Club has been on holiday break so this is a “slow news” time for us. I thought I would use this week’s column to pass along a little information about the requirements of a Kiwanis club to its sponsored Key Club. I feel it is important for all Kiwanians, Key Clubbers and the general public to know and understand the connection between the two clubs.

Annual Requirements of Sponsorship

1. Appoint a Kiwanis Advisor to the Key Club and ensure he/she receives adequate orientation.
2. Ensure Kiwanis members attend every Key Club meeting.
3. Maintain an expense line item in the Kiwanis club’s service account to support the activities of Key Club.
4. Meet with the school principal before the beginning of the school year.
5. Ensure that dues are paid for every member of the Key Club.
6. Ensure Key Club officers receive proper training following election.
7. Hold a planning session involving the leadership of both clubs.
8. Host or participate in two joint activities involving the membership of both clubs.
9. Invite two Key Club members to attend every regular Kiwanis meeting.
10. Ensure Key Club members attend conventions and conferences.

     I am pleased to report that Kiwanis has made real progress in its efforts to form a closer bond with the Key Club. The clubs have already completed two joint projects this year, with more to come, and Kiwanis has committed a substantial portion of its annual budget to its sponsored youth. The Kiwanis Club has an active Sponsored Youth Committee, and I appreciate the support they have shown me this year. The Kiwanians enjoy the Key Clubbers presence at the weekly meetings and are doing their best to reciprocate. I can see great things happening with our clubs in the future!


“You claim you’re no preacher, but still you do preach
A powerful sermon each day.
The acts of your life are the things that you teach,
And not just the things that you say.”



     The Three Rivers Kiwanis Club meets at Angie’s Restaurant each Wednesday morning at 6:30 to eat breakfast, enjoy fellowship, hear speakers on various interesting topics, and to share ideas. All are welcome to visit with us. If you would like to join our organization, please contact Janet Richards or any other Kiwanian for an application. We are involved in many worthwhile local projects and would be very pleased to have you participate in them.

     The Milo-Brownville Club held its meeting with seventeen members present.
     Correspondence was read concerning the upcoming International Convention in June in New Orleans.
     There will be an evening district-wide interclub in Greenville on January 15th. Also, East Corinth is starting a new club and an interclub will be attending their meeting on January 9th.
     The Key Club did not meet last week due to school vacation, but they will be busy this week selling refreshments at the home basketball games.
     The THREE RIVERS NEWS printed 190 copies this week. Note: All editions were sold out! The big news is that the paper is now online! The number of copies will probably be 200 every week from now on.
     The grant monies of $7500.00 have come in which boost the Town Hall Community Center funds.
     Heidi Finson will be gearing up for another RIF book distribution in the spring.
     John Robinson will celebrate a birthday on January 3rd, Mike Comeau on January 6th, and Chris Beres on the 7th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
     This week fourteen happy and sad dollars were collected.
     Next week will be the monthly business meeting and speakers are “pending” for the next two meetings in January.
     Today, Tom Witham, along with Seth Barden, spoke about the Three Rivers Community Web Page. They, along with librarian Catherine Ellison, have taken a page that has had very little attention since its start in 1996, and made it into a very helpful and informative web site. The original name was “Our Town: but when Seth took it under his wing, the name was changed to TRC.
     What can you find there? Community information; histories, facts, maps, etc.,maps of the region that can zoom in on local streets, a community calendar, local news and links, business directory, recreation page which hopes to expand to include hiking and snowmobiling information, organizations in the area, government pages, the info about the TRC page, a weather link, TRC news page with the Kiwanis THREE RIVERS NEWS, and a counter page to see how many people visit the site. Note: This could require two cups of coffee and a second breakfast!
     The volunteers are constantly updating and adding information. They hope to feature some business success stories that will hopefully attract new businesses to our area.
     The Milo Fire Department will be aired live on February 17th for the annual fishing derby drawing by way of web cam. It’s beyond me, but I’ve been told Tom and Seth will accomplish it!
     All this work is volunteered and they have done a great job. If you have any information to share, please see Tom Witham, Seth Barden or Catherine Ellison. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU’VE DONE!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!
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